iSquare watch for tech enthusiasts.

Design submitted by Ohdelk from Colombia.

Ohdelk says: The idea for this watch was born in the office work. I was working for about 30 days.

An 12-(1245) format LCD watch concept. The hour and month are read in analog way but the minutes and seconds by way of (1-2-4-5) format for simple and easy to read display. Color for day of the week in the following manner: Yellow: Sunday, Blue: Monday, Red: Tuesday, Green: Wednesday, Violet: Thursday, Black: Friday and Orange: Saturday.

For people who like it different, looking to the future. Fashionable and comfortable to wear.

I suggest you check out a blank clock with an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software. Also, please add a tab to the menu page for downloading clocks to different OS (Operating Systems, eg.: windows, mac, android).

It has many Specifications: Model: iSQ-1245w, Color: White-Silver-Black, Gender: Unisex, Type: Concept, Display: Digital, Thickness: 5 mm, Weight: 50 gr, Shows: time/date/Alarm, case shape: square, Display format: 12 hour time.

4 thoughts on “iSquare watch for tech enthusiasts.

  1. Hi Ohdelk, I like the look of this thing but for me the time telling is very complicated looking. You would need the explaination key with you for a while as a training aid I think. Best of luck and welcome to the blog!


  2. Hi, Ohdelk! I don’t yet understand how to read your design, but I admire the effort you put into it. I like how it looks like a floor plan or map!


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