Binary Samurai LED watch

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: Bracelet style binary watch with time and date functions. The LEDs on the left side indicates the hours or the months, on the right side the LEDs indicates the minutes or the days. This concept inspired by Ice Samurai watch.

9 thoughts on “Binary Samurai LED watch

  1. I nearly decided not to comment on this post due to frustration of people not commenting on my posts.
    But I decided better of it as if everyone did that the blog would be a very quite place and worse for it.

    I like the look of this design, it could be worn as either a watch or jewelry which should broaden its appeal.
    Im not a big fan of binary but this is layed out very simply and clearly which does help simple minded folks such as myself. 5/Y Best of luck Laszlo! 😀


  2. I really enjoy the sleek design of the watch, the fact that it’s LED based and looks comfortable to wear. The only drawback would personally be the binary. While it can be easy to pick up on pretty quick, there’s a difference between taking 2-3 seconds to read a TF watch and taking 5. Of course others may be able to process the binary quicker than me. Nonetheless it’s a sick looking watch. I’d buy.


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