Ariadne design explores “Web watch” concept.

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: Ariadne is an evolution of the Web Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary in August 2012. Which is Inspired by how a spider spins its Web.

This LCD Watch uses a series of concentric hexagonal rings each spilt into six digital sectors / numbers. So that the Hours: 00-23, Minutes: 00-59 & Seconds: 00-59 can all be displayed at once in a 24 Hour Format. Furthermore this watch also has Date, Alarm & Stop Watch Modes. Plus For Animation modes: Spiral, Ripple , Clockwise (Pairs of Digits) or Always On.

Anyone with an interest in nature plus insects: Spiders. Plus anyone looking a multi-Function Wristwatch.

7 thoughts on “Ariadne design explores “Web watch” concept.

  1. Cool design! I would prefer it if the 6 outer rim parts were slanted in; the part in the center would therefor be lower. I hope this gets made!


  2. This is very nice Andrew but for me a little too close to Laszlo’s original. I think the display priciple is sound but I would have made it look more different. The animation modes are nice editions tho. Best of luck! 😀


    • Dear Pete
      I was inspired by László WEB design & created my Ariadne design only to suggest what improvements that I thought could be made to His design.
      In fact I asked Tokyo Flash to contact Laszlo before publishing the Ariadne Watch design, & Laszlo did contacted personally suggesting his improvements to my Ariadne Design plus sent me an example of the Animation now shown is this submission.


      • No worries Andrew, I wasnt trying suggest this wasnt legit. I would have just made it look more different to the original if it was me. I often do re-designs of my earlier stuff (If I think the concept was ok) but allways try to make them look unique in their own right (thats not to say I suceed of course lol)


      • In future if I suggest any alteration to an existing watch display created by another designer I will try to make it look as different from the original. I will always ask Tokyo Flash to gain the creator of any existing design before publication so I can gain their permission & approval before Publication.
        Furthermore I have one further suggested improvement to suggest about the controls. What if this wristwatch had four controls? Two pull / Turn Crown dials. Crown Dial A: Select pairs of Digits Clockwise / Anti Clockwise & Crown Dial B Alter Pair digits Value Clockwise increase or Anti-clock Decrease.
        Two Push Buttons: Push Button 1: Select Display Mode: Time, Alarm, Date, Stop Watch.
        Push Button 2: Select Animation Mode: Spiral, Ripple, Clockwise Pairs or Always On.


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