Grapha watch plots a dot in time.

Design submitted by Sriram from India.

Sriram says: I was looking into graphs and the sudden idea emerged. The top panel of the dial is glass and the body color is pure black.

The vertical axis/bars (12) measure Hours and the horizontal axis/bars (12) measures 5 minutes each. A dot on the display corresponds to the time. So, the time is read by looking into the vertical and horizontal bars the dot point to. For Youth, College students and fun loving individuals. It is based on the concept of graph, easy to read and is attractive.

5 thoughts on “Grapha watch plots a dot in time.

  1. Hi Sriram,
    Welcome to the blog, this is a nice design and looks very cool in black and red. There have been a couple of designs using graphs as there inspiration in one form or another so its not a totally new idea. Yours very nice tho and I give it my support! 5/Y 😀


  2. I think Eleeno produced some watches in a similar vein. Anyway, this seems a little different from that one. I support!



  3. The idea is nice, but not new. The overall look is also nice. But, I have two concerns : 1 ) where are the single minute ? ( they could be put where the “G” is ) 2 ) it should have two dashed lines ( — ) going from the border to the dot.


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