Bluetooth watch with bold architectural numbers

Design submitted by Omar from Canada.

Omar says: I saw a design by Kibardindesign and I wanted to make it into a wrist watch.

The time is told using four lcd displays. It is also bluetooth enabled and informs the user when a call is received and when a text message is received. The watch can also find your missing phone by alarming you if the bluetooth connection is lost.

Appealing to Architects, fashion designers, and the youth

It’s blue tooth capabilities allow you to store the watch in your bag and not worry if you missed calls. Also makes it good for meetings to silently inform the wearer when a call is received.

9 thoughts on “Bluetooth watch with bold architectural numbers

  1. Looks nice Omar, very bold and striking. For my personal preference I would prefer the main body of the watch to be slightly smaller or the strap larger, and maybe small rads on the corners but these are minor details. Nice work 5/Y and welcome to the blog! 😀


      • Hi Omar, by Rads I mean Radiuses (rounded corners) just to soften the four corners that might catch your wrist or clothes. Like I said minor details, the concept is great! I look forward to seeing your next submissions! 😀


  2. Hi, Omar! That’s so funny you submitted this now, lately I had been thinking of a minimalist design with a very similar tight arrangement of the LCD-looking digits. I don’t agree that you necessarily need to radius corners, I think it makes a bolder statement if you don’t. Good job!


    • Thanks xian!
      I guess it was a good idea I beat you to it the people don’t seem to be receiving it well 😛
      I do like the hard corners but I think Pete is right they might start to bother the wearer if they are too sharp.


  3. I like the display look. Rounded corners are better. I don’t care much about the bluetooth app.

    Make it 40×40 mm or less & I would buy.


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