Hypercube: LCD version.

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is “Hypercube LCD” an LCD version of the original Hypercube design that featured on the blog back in July 2012.

I wanted to keep the same kind of faceted geometric  cube shape that looks somewhere between architecture and jewelry, but this time using an LCD display.

The time telling method is exactly the same as the original Hypercube concept. This time the 3D facets have been replaced by a conventional LCD screen. The facets are blocks on the display, some of which are broken up into smaller blocks like a cross hatch effect to try to capture the 3D look of the original. (a 3D shaped lens in the form of the original facets could also be used) Like the original version the hours are told by the inner ring of facets, the minutes are told by the outer ring in 5min blocks, 4 x single minute indicators are in the center along with a PM indicator.

The form of this watch is inspired by the simple geometry of a cube, using 3D effect LCD facets to display the time giving the watch a jewelry look. The proportions should suite all wrist sizes and are aimed at the unisex market. This design suites a multitude of LCD colours and coloured backlights and materials giving this watch a mass appeal. The display lends itself nicely to different animations too!

This design stands out due to its 3D effect faceted display and use of conventional LCD technology. Giving it mass appeal and a good dollop of viability!

28 thoughts on “Hypercube: LCD version.

  1. omg, make it slim, Tokyoflash! i want the mirrored one with cyan – it’s gorgeous! nice animation too! 🙂
    take my money! 5*/Y


  2. Luv it Pete! The flatness doesn’t kill the coolness. I like the visible tesselation of the display. Time telling is super easy. 5*/YES/good luck. Hexagons rock!


    • Thanks a lot Sam, im glad you! I was worried the design would look to flat in comparison to the original but I think the hatching effect works. Hurray for hexagons! 😀


  3. At first glance I’m not really interested in the design, but later I realized how awesome it can be if its realised. 5*/YES/good luck. Hexagons rock!


  4. This one is very nice. Better than the original ! ( because of the always on LCD ) I prefer the non-hatched version. 5*.


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