“Drowning Time” desktop clock concept.

Design submitted by Talgat from Kyrgyzstan.

Talgat says: …and what if time doesn’t fly and drowns?

My design under the name “DROWNING TIME” displays the hours in the usual way (digital)

A desktop clock for the office. For creative and cheerful workers. Giving people positive emotions.

12 thoughts on ““Drowning Time” desktop clock concept.

  1. This is one of the fun concepts I’ve seen on the blog, it’s a bit of a novelty product but I can imagine there being a market for it. Nice work Talgat! 5/Y


  2. The sculptor Roland Poulin built cubes that give the impression of sinking into the ground and the graphic effect is very nice.
    5 * / Yes for Talgat.


  3. Hey, this is a really interesting idea. I’ve seen a similar concept, actually a prototype on kickstarter:

    At least you can see how much other people are willing to invest in a similar concept, just in case Tokyoflash will not help you in coming to reality 🙂

    Anyway, good luck!


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