Drone LCD turret watch.

Design submitted by Valantin from the USA.

Valentin says: I came up with this idea from the volume button on my stereo. It pops out when you press on it for fm am options. I also always liked see threw watches so this one that i designed has tinted glass on the sides that reveal the inside of the watch if you look closely. It also has a circular glass on the bottom.

My design is very sleek its suppose to hide the time from you so that its not visible, but by pressing the center of the circle the circular display reveals itself showing the time,date, and a animation that can be turned on or off, you can also put a message saying anything you want. and the display will rotate it, making it readable from different angles. the time is a simple 4 digit display that can be read by anyone that is familiar with any type of watches or led clocks.

People who want something technical, cool, luxurious,and enjoyment at the same time. the watch is considered a gizmo not a toy, even though it will catch someones attention with is uniqueness, its not something a elementary kid would wear.

I think that all other designs look similar in a way, none have any cool revealing type of action to reveal the time in a way that hasn’t been seen, at least i haven’t. i cant explain all of the awesomeness that i want this watch to be but i don’t have enough of space to give all the details or the willingness to do it this way but if i could tell you how this watch would be in real person, it would be out of this world of awesome.

11 thoughts on “Drone LCD turret watch.

  1. This is a nice design with some interesting details. I like the glass sides especially. Unfortunately it is not that unique as both me and Samukun have had similar features on a couple of our designs, GMTA! I thing the concept is good so I support it, hopefully one of our concepts gets made cos I think the idea is sound! 5/Y best of luck and welcome to the blog! 😀


    • thanx, o and i havent been threw the hole blog yet, im pretty sure your design is awsome as weel. im also new to this:)


      • No worries, these things happen. I have been submitting a while and still do the odd design that has simularities with others, beit on the blog or Internet in general. It’s kinda inevitable, there are only do many ways of doing things. Best of luck and hopefully we will see more designs from you 😉


  2. Hi welcome to the blog!

    I like the concept and I can also recommend to check the blog and the internet to avoid disappointment but also to get inspiration about what is possible. Sometimes people have the same idea independently and translate it in a more or less similar way. I really like the work you did in SketchUp (I believe). Very cool case geometry!! I cross the fingers for such a watch becoming reality. Good luck 🙂


    • haha yea i have to take my time and go threw the holeblog one day. im usualy buisy but i could make some time:). and i realy want for a watch like this to come true, i dont realy care if it has to be my design of someone elses to come true. i just wish something like this could be made one day


  3. Hi and welcome to this blog,

    Good idea and good presentation.
    Do not get discouraged by the comments about similar ideas.
    If Tokyoflash think it is original enough they will publish it, otherwise not.

    It is unavoidable with similar design or at least designs based on the same principles.
    There are a lot of examples of parallel ideas and innovations occurring at the same time around the globe (and I am not only talking about watches at TF).

    In the first answer to this posting, Pete used the acronym GMTA = Great Minds Thinks Alike
    TF had a posting on this subject last year.


    Keep the ideas comming!


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