Nanji desu ka?

Design submitted by Matthew from the USA.

Matthew says: I came up with this unique design just a few days ago while I was bored, and looking at the blank lines on my piece of paper. I thought that I could incorporate these lines into a way to tell time.

This design is called Nanji. Nanji is an analog style watch that tells time using lines. The red line stands for the hour, the blue line stands for the tens minutesdigit, and the green stands for the ones minute digit. When there is a 0, there is no line to represent it.

Nanji is a watch concept for anyone to wear, from teenagers, to adults, to seniors. With it’s easy to read analog style of telling time, you can figure out the time quickly and move on to what you were doing.

This concept differs from other designs because it expresses the time using an analog watch, but in a unique way.  It will leave others puzzled who don’t know the trick on how to read it.

10 thoughts on “Nanji desu ka?

  1. Congratulations on your first solo blog posting, Matthew! It’s an interesting twist on 12-5-9. Positions are easy to recognize, especially with the square case. The only thing you have to remember is the order of which colors to read first. I support it with 5*, though I probably wouldn’t buy, only because personally, I find analog time reading to take me too much time. But I know a lot of other people would not have that problem (most people probably, in fact).


    • Thanks Heather! I can agree with you that sometimes, analog watches take longer to read. Most of the time though once you get familiar with the style of the watch, its easier to read.


  2. This is nice. It could be done with LEDs that would be thicker than these lines there but that’s ok. I like the analog based time telling method with the three colors. The suggestion for 2:22 and similar times works. Maybe three full lines that are very close next to each other would work too. I imagine this display to be done by Tokyoflash with a cool animation and I think I would buy it, once they’ve put their magical hands on this idea. Good luck Matthew!


    • Thanks! I agree with you that maybe the lines could be a bit thicker so they are easier to see. I will probably be able to fix that.


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