Arcadia LCD watch for retro gamers.

Design submitted by Lloyd from Australia.

Lloyd says: “Arcadia” is an LCD concept watch design with a choice of 3 fun displays to tell you the time: one has alien invaders similar to the ones in some retro arcade games, another has rain clouds and the other jellyfish. So, hopefully, there’s something to appeal to everyone.

The time is displayed enigmatically using shadow numbers which are disguised either as the alien invaders’ missiles, as rain falling from the rain clouds or as the jellyfishes’ tentacles. In addition, there are animations showing the alien invaders firing missiles, the rain clouds raining and the jellyfish shimmering. These can be set to run every 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

Arcadia has a date mode, an alarm and is USB rechargeable via a computer. It also has an EL backlight which makes the display easier to read at night. The watch’s case and strap are made from stainless steel and are available in silver or black, but other colours are a possibility too. The LCD display is available in different colours and is “always on”.

This design would appeal to anyone who likes retro gadgets, video games, nature, the ocean, puzzles and creativity.

It stands out because it has 3 engaging and easy-to-read cryptic displays that can be changed to suit your mood.

27 thoughts on “Arcadia LCD watch for retro gamers.

  1. The way those numbers are shown with that 3D type effect, is really very clever – well done Lloyd.
    I’m placing my order for a Space Invaders one now!


  2. The digits on this watch are extremely clever, easy to read, and also very cool as well. I can see this design being very popular. It would appeal to oldies like me, and also a young audience. This watch display brings back lots of memories. I really want one (or two)! PLEASE tokyoflash, make this one.



  3. Hey Lloyd, Probably my new favorite of your designs, its awesome! Loving the satin black especially in space invaders mode! The time telling is uber simple but uber effective and cryptic. I think I’d be tempted to make the 6 & 9 more similar (but rotated obviously) for more continuity but that is my only critism (and thats pushing it) Excellent work Lloyd, best of luck sir 5/Y! 😀 >:o@


  4. Hi Mushy, really cryptic reading, because I did not understand right away.
    This 3D effect with the shadow relief is just great!
    Very very nice this design.
    5 * / Yes of course!


  5. i love the digits…i would probably like them even better without the aliens, clouds, or jellyfish…just the lines are awesome! of the three choices, though, i like the aliens 🙂

    5* for the AMAZING digits!


  6. Adorable idea! I would let the clouds look a little different and the other things too – not all the same. The numbers are nice and would work alone too as display. But letting them be jellish, rainish and laserish is so cute. Gooood luck Lloyd and GAME START 😀


  7. We fight to survive, Runnin’ to stay alive
    Our bodies achin’ and tired, there’s no where to hide
    Our cover’s been blown away-ay
    Space invaders (Space invaders)


    The watch needs an hourly chime of an invader being shot. You know – eechow, eechow! 🙂


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