Bullet Time watch so you’re never short of ammo.

Design submitted by Paolo from Canada.

Paolo says: I wanted to design something totally different this time and I’ve always wanted a watch that allowed me to see the time naturally without having to pivot my wrist. This is that watch. The Bullet Time Watch.

The watch looks as if I had stacked three bullets into a pyramid shape. When wearing the watch, the points of the bullets face away from you and the back of the bullets have the watch faces. Each face has a different numeral. The top bullet shows the seconds, the bottom left bullet shows the hours and the bottom right one shows the minutes.

Anyone that loves innovation, futuristic design and likes to stand out in a crowd will love this watch. No way will you find another person at work, at school or at home that has the same exact watch unless they purchased it on TokyoFlash.com

Just look at it! Have YOU ever seen anything like it? My friend Greg Toope, Photographer, Baptized this watch “Bullet Time” because he immediately said: “They look like three Bullets telling time… You should call it Bullet Time”. I totally agree. I hope you do to.

7 thoughts on “Bullet Time watch so you’re never short of ammo.

  1. I was also going to say that it look like the MB&F HM4. I had to google it & I find it different enough. Maybe inspired by it?

    Anyway, I don’t like the reading angle. &, yes, you have to turn your wrist to see the time, like if your doing something on the computer & you can’t see the clock. ( vs a digital watch where the numbers are about 60 degree counter-clockwise & easy to read, by only tilting your head up/down ). But I just realize that if you read a book, then, this is the good angle.

    The display should be 45 degree, or less ( like this: |_ View from this side, but up ). If you take the 3rd pic, the angle is upside down. Or it could be flat & the extremity could be a transparent material to keep the look.

    The digits order is nice.

    Because I don’t like the overall look & the reading side, I wouldn’t buy it.


  2. I must admit to haveing a similar-ish idea in my sketch book. I think altho it does share a similar look to the MB&F watch as mentioned above it is different enough. The MB&F watch to my knowledge was inspired by old car and plane instruments so no one has owner ship of that inspiration nor do they over the bullet inspiration.
    My only issues with this are that I would make the pointy ends of the buttels/pods curve and blend more with the strap, this would reduce the profile and make the snagging on clothes less of an issue. Also I be tempted to drop the middle pod a little lower again for the same reasons. I like the concept and I support it 5/Y best of luck Paolo! 😀


  3. To avoid further issues abou the MB&F similarity I would make the watch even more bullet-ish, emphasizing the inspiration more. This would include a traditional bullet material. The idea of cutting the bullets in a certain angle is very cool. Maybe the opposite angle, away from the viewer, would be better. The usage of a usual bullet material would make any transformation applied to a bullet more tolerable. The numbers in the bullets could look a little less normal. Maybe a crosshair display… Something military but not too military, just a little hint. I can imagine a pretty cool watch now. Less chrome, more gun-ish. A big issue might be the chunkiness of the watch coming from stacking the bullets. Further experimenting needed there. The strap is cool. It’s a tad crafty but kept stylish. I can see why people possibly don’t like it. It’s special and not for the masses. But rich rifle fans for example might wanna spend a month’s salary for such a watch. Maybe you don’t succed here and now but I wish you good luck monsieur.


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