Kizamu LED watch takes the edge off.

Design submitted by Heather & Matthew from the USA.

Heather & Matthew say: The original idea was to put the digits into four quadrants, cutting each digit off down the middle and along the edges of the case in such a way that you can still determine what the digit would be.

The digits we decided to use for the Kizamu concept are somewhat curved digits, to give a more abstract feel to the display.  The curved shapes that form the digit templates are cut out from the metal case, allowing LEDs to shine through with the current time.

The top left and top right are used to display hours, and bottom left and bottom right display the minutes.

The time can be displayed in either 12 or 24 hour mode. This format can also show date.

Men and women of the future will be wearing Kizamu with pride.

This idea stands out because the Kizamu digits are somewhat cryptic, yet pretty easily recognizable, allowing the display to easily be read at a glance, and the cut out shapes give an expensive jewelry feel that will appeal to both men and women.

11 thoughts on “Kizamu LED watch takes the edge off.

  1. Very cryptic looking but easy to learn! Looks very funky but ultimately makeable. Also looks pretty unisex too so should keep the majority happy! 5/Y best of luck guys! 😀


  2. Interesting look and nicely cryptic. The zoom-in is a cool measure and the circle based numbers are quite a diversion. This one would tilt heads and cross eyes definitely xD Good luck!!!

    And a Happy New Year!!


    • thanks for your comment and support, sam! and happy new year to you too (and to everyone else on the blog)! 😀 as you know, head-tilting is one of my goals 😉


  3. I love the partial digits. I find it easy to read, but love the fact that for some it’s will not be so obvious (like most TK watches). 5*/Y from me.


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