Mirage watch projects time onto your wrist.

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: Mirage: represent an evolution in how a watch displays the time. Alarm or date.

Instead of a Physical Display the display is constructed with Projected Light Digits. Using Projector technology use in Projection Alarm clock & compressing it in to a Wristwatch. Furthermore the same effect could be achieved with a Holographic Display their by creating Three Dimensional Display.

The time/ Alarm is display Vertically using standard LCD styled Digits.

Date: Day 00-31 followed by Month Number 01: Jan – 12 Dec.

The Top Scroll Wheel controls the Top two digits: Hours / Days the Bottom Scroll Wheel Controls the Bottom digits: Minutes / Month. The Slide Switch Button changes the Display Mode: Red: Time, Green: Date & Blue: Alarm.

This watch is aimed at anyone looking for a watch that uses the latest Technology: Projection / Holographic Display.

Furthermore the Mirage Watch concept has minimalistic & clean style, excellent for Fashion Trend setters.

This watch design concept does not look like a watch at first glance.

It reassembles a torque band bracelet. It can easily be worn by men or women as a hybrid between an accessory & time piece.

I called this Concept Mirage, Because like a mirage the display is not physical screen but an image which hangs in the air.

21 thoughts on “Mirage watch projects time onto your wrist.

    • I wouldent think so,its intention is where the transparent part it there would be glass or it would just fall off! so really,if the intention is for there to be glass there,its very possible


      • I don’t think you can project anything on a convex surface like one’s wrist (or convex glass) from the side. At least the way it looks in the pictures. And Andrew says it is not meant to “display” in the traditional manner.


      • Yes the Mirage wrist watch could have a 12 Hour including projected letters AM (morning hours) & PM (afternoon / evening hours) or 24 Hour display mode as shown in the Diagrams provided.


  1. Nice concept Andrew! There is only one problem though: What about different sized wrists? This doesn’t look like an adjustable watch, so are there different sizes?


    • If The Mirage Watch was constructed it would be available in different Bracelet sizes: Small, Medium, Large or Extra-large. Or an adjustable bracelet / strap with flexible joints to so that it could be adjusted the Fit. Plus the Watch would wrap around & firmly grip the Wearer’s Wrist.


  2. Hey Andrew, this is a really fun concept! Your images look pretty cool too, you are definitely improving! I hope one day such concepts can and will exist! 5/Y 😀


  3. Mirage is watch design concept for Future where display electronic device: Mobile / Cell Phones, PDAs or Wrist watches no longer need Physical LCD or E-ink Display screens, but use two or three dimensional Holographic projectors to Project holographic representations of data or images.


    • Thank you Stef, I designed this wrist watch around the shape & design of a Torque Bracelet accessory; it can easily be designed & constructed to be worn on both male or female Wrists.


  4. interesting idea. would also be nice if the # where “floating” in a clear plastic case. ( if Projected Light Digits or Holographic not makeable. )


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