Moonwalker LCD watch for lunar time telling.

Design submitted by Jordan from Canada.

Jordan says: After a long absence from the blog, I decided it was time to try again and after reading up on the reactions to my previous submission, Aurora, I chose to re-think, re-model, re-render and, of course rename it, resulting in this newer, classier watch: Moonwalker, ultimately inspired by one of my favorite watches – the Movado Luno.

The display of Moonwalker is a powersaving, always-on screen. What this means is that throughout the day, the screen is bordered in a “full moon” by the simple colored line. Upon activation, the curve of the moon is drawn in and the time can be read.

Reading the time is as simple as reading an analog watch. The vertex of the moon where the inner curve meets the outer curve describes the present hour while the open end of the line describes the minutes. A 12-o-clock reference crystal is attached to the face for easier at-a-glance reading.

A big concern with Aurora was it’s incapability to show times where the minute position was near the hour position. With Moonwalker, this problem is solved. The beginning of the 12-o-clock hour (or 3:15, 6:30, 9:45, etc.) can be described as a “full moon” where the line runs nearly all the way around the display, breaking slightly to show both the hour and minute position. After this, the moon slowly waxes, growing with an outer curve as shown in the Prometheus and Europa versions shown until it reaches a half moon, at which point it begins to wane down to a full moon once again.

Moonwalker operates on a simple and stylish theme which is of course the many moons of the many planets. The wide array of color schemes available makes this design suitable for any occasion and anybody, both male and female.

The immense simplicity of this watch really makes it stand out in a crowd. The colored bands running around the band add an eye-catching look to this watch, even if not seen from the face-on angle.

9 thoughts on “Moonwalker LCD watch for lunar time telling.

  1. This is better than your Aurora, Jordan, but I’m still not too big on the name…makes me think of dance moves!! 🙂



  2. I’m not sure how to comment because I remember your standard is too high, but I obviously rated 5* and let the time decides. Goodluck Jordan!


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