Frame watch creates a hole in time.

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: FRAME is a concept that uses vertically and horizontally split numbers. The fragments are placed in a name giving frame and look pretty cryptic being far away from their counterparts.

The numbers for the hours are split vertically and their remnants are placed left and right inside the frame while the minutes are split horizontally and occupy the upper and the lower part of the frame. When you look at the display, you have to perform the reunion of the parts in your head and you have the time.

The case has been given an hole in the middle being a frame on its own. The straps slightly adopt the frame theme too.

FRAME is a geekily cryptic accessory with a style that can go with different occasions and clothing.

11 thoughts on “Frame watch creates a hole in time.

  1. Hi Sam, the design of the watch is very beautiful, as always, the imagination to encrypt data is always amazing to read.
    5 * / Yes for your limitless imagination + a star for Christmas


  2. Hi Sam, this is a nice design but for reasons I can’t put my finger on it isn’t really doing it for me. Maybe it will grow on me over time. It feels kinda familiar for some reason (maybe I have seen this on your page) i think I would like it more if the corners were squarer and the digits more geometric but these are subjective things. Anyways that’s enough waffling from me, I will rate it later when it has had more time to win me over! Best of luck sir and merry Xmas! 😀


  3. The split numbers are brilliant. However, watches with holes don’t do it or me – I don’t want to look at my wrist, just the watch face. Apart from that it’s great.


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