End of the world? The sky people are coming!

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: A watch from our brothers and sisters, dwellers of the sky. Delta. Secret code. Beyond terrestrial. Military conspiracy? The hidden truth. Only time will tell.

The time is crystal clear, but only limited to you, for the north and the south are one, so the time is decoded.

The watch for the people of the sky, or for one who soon would be.

The watch that unites separation, for only with unity mankind may inherit the world. Only with unity you can see the time crystal clear. This is neither alpha nor omega. This is Delta.

28 thoughts on “End of the world? The sky people are coming!

  1. Nice job I like this! It has a very stealth look and the LED choices are cool. I think I would pick purple because its different. 5 stars!


  2. Great graphics as usual Firdy! I guess that’s why the rating is so ludicrously high. The numbers, however, aren’t terribly original. As a puzzle designer, I’ve seen the same idea done SO many times. I think it’s even been used on this blog before. If I buy a watch, I want to see something I haven’t seen before. Having said that, quite a few of TF’s watches fall into that category too.


    • “Having said that, quite a few of TF’s watches fall into that category too.” Oops didn’t mean to insult TF. What I mean is that it’s still possible TF might consider making this watch. 🙂


      • I wouldn’t think they’d mind; this blog’s here to give TF’s customers a say in what they get. Nothing wrong with that. And if it ends up all bit alike, well.. such is internet democracy. 🙂

        That said, it’s obvious that TF blog and the comments section have preferences that lean quite heavily towards a certain kind of watch, and how they’re presented.

        I guess we’re the oddballs around here 😛


    • Thank you King-san. I know, I understand, I can conclude your comments as a word…… but yeah, I’m a human too, I know your feeling. I think I’d better not choosing to be a self proclaim, arrogant here. So I take your words positively. Denial syndrome be used to lead people astray. No hurt to digest anything good. Cheers!


  3. I somewhat agree with mushy. The graphics are fantastic but the method isn’t super one of a kind. That being said, I do love the look of this and it was executed very nicely.

    If I had a day to think on this, I might enjoy this design more, but unfortunately, the world ends in a little over 23 hours (in my timezone ;)) so for now, it’s a 4*/no from me.

    Great design though, as usual 🙂 Best of luck with it!


  4. Likeylike 🙂 I like the sharp edges and the symmetry you picked. I also like the digits and the separation so each half looks like an independent display which looks super cryptic but actually super easy. WIth the right price this baby is mine! Also great presentation Fir. Nice artworks. Welcome back and good luck!!


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