Sci-Fi Bracelet concept

Design submitted by Lisa from Canada.

Lisa says: I wanted something that looked like a crazy future bracelet and not at all like a watch. Does it also tell the weather in space? Communicate with the mothership? People just seeing it on my wrist will never know! The smooth around-the-wrist design makes it look futuristic and not like a watch.

I created the design aesthetically based on some old doodles I had around and then fit the time-telling to it, hence the difference between the indication for each number. (See diagram for explanation.)

This is a watch for sci-fi fans, futurists, the people who need the latest tech gadgets, and stylish people who want something more than a watch. Also, I’m adamant that the dimensions be reasonable enough that it can also fit a female’s wrist and truly be unisex.

This design stands out because if you talk into it, people will look at you with suspicion, not for being insane, but whether on not there actually is a mothership! The other watches I saw for sale looked mostly like watches with strange faces but this doesn’t really look like a watch.

8 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Bracelet concept

  1. I like the alien appearance and bracelet like form. The time telling would take a little getting used to but would be worth the effort. Nice work! 5/Y Best of luck and welcome to the blog! 😀


  2. A bit tricky to eard but worth learning 🙂 Looks very nice and would be an eye catcher. Cool futuristic look! Also nice that you made this sketch!! Good Luck Lisa!!!


  3. I like the overall look. I would prefer if both hours lines where divided by 6. A binary-based single minute would also be nice ( it would require 4 dots, instead of 5 )

    Is the 3/4 circle on top-right or bottom-left of the rest ? ( you could have indicated it on the 1st pic )

    I would buy.


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