Shattered LED watch shows damaged time.

Design submitted by Kyle from the UK.

Kyle says: My watch fell to the floor from my wrist and the glass cracked. The pattern it made inspired me to create this design.

The three left hand ‘Cracks’ show hour, 5 minute and 1 minute blocks of light. I have designed each crack so that blocks of 3 lights fit into a section to make the watch easy and simple to read quickly. The fourth ‘crack’ on the left hand side has two lights. One for AM, one for PM.

My target market is males 18 – 25. The design is very angular and sharp. This portrays a masculine feel.

I believe this design to be unique and eye catching. A design which will spark conversation everytime a new pair of eyes lay upon it.

10 thoughts on “Shattered LED watch shows damaged time.

  1. Nice concept! I like it a lot, i just think it may take a bit too long to read the time. People like to be able to just look at their watch and figure out the time in a few seconds. Otherwise, I like it!


  2. Hi Kyle, Welcome to the blog! I cant make my mind up if I like this or not to be honest. I like the idea and the artistic intentions. I think the time telling could be clearer, this could be as simple as grouping the blocks in three or fours etc. Im just not sure I want a watch that looks broken, I got a couple of watches with broken glass which still work fine but I dont wear them because they are broken. My personal taste aside I still support this design so 5 stars but a no from me. Best of luck! 😀


  3. Its a great idea I think to have a damaged watch & there all sorts of styles to explore – an old pirates watch covered with barnacles, a space fugitives watch scarred with laser burns, a watch found at a murder scene splattered with blood.

    With that last one, if anyone asks you about it, you coldly stare back at them & say “I took it from the girls body”


  4. Thanks for the warm welcome, completely see where you are coming from the design maybe being difficult to tell the time, tried to simplify it as much as possible without losing the essence of the design 🙂

    Will definately be posting more designs when I get the time!


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