Sonar LCD watch pings the time in binary form

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: The Sonar watch is an analog-binary hybrid concept where the hours indicated in usual place and the minutes indicated in binary format. Power on your brain, think in binary and read the time quickly. Give me 0101 stars and share this with your friends!

21 thoughts on “Sonar LCD watch pings the time in binary form

  1. A great hybrid design. Would need the display to remain on long enough to decode the binary part (maybe I’m just slow). The blue version gets my vote. 0101* from me.


  2. You’re not slow, the display change only at once in every minute. This time is enough to read. Thank you for the 0101 stars!


  3. This is a brand new method to indicate the time. Simply but cryptic. Especially love it! I would like to wear one of these in any color combination. The signals on the edge facilitate of the time reading. Great work Laszlo!


  4. The minutes-only binary system is nice. I like the display but I would prefer if the 1 minute also had an inner circle. I would prefer an always on tech & I would buy.

    ( It would also be nice if the hour was a digit )


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