Sphere LED watch creates 3D illusion.

Design submitted by Heather from the USA.

Heather says: I was thinking about how I could make a flat LED display appear 3D, and it occurred to me that I could give the appearance of a sphere by using some curved lines.  Then I broke up some of these lines asymmetrically to form four digits, each comprised of 5 rows of 3 dashes.

As you can see in the animation, the time can be read by focusing on these four digits.  The top two digits are hours, and the bottom two are minutes.

Sphere is a unisex design that will appeal to fans of LED watches.

The display is cryptic, yet easy to read when you know where to look.  I could also see the possibility of a reveal mode if deemed necessary.

13 thoughts on “Sphere LED watch creates 3D illusion.

  1. Great job Heather!
    Brilliant in its simplicity & a cool effect that only takes a second to ‘get it’ – then you can’t un-see it.
    I love that. Your Stencil watch has that same hook. Best of luck, 5* from me.


  2. Hey Tokyoflash, you accidentally wrote on top “Heather form the USA.”

    Anyway, Nice concept Heather! I really like this one and I would buy it. Its hard to read the time at first, but then its easy after you understand how to.


  3. Very interesting. At first sight I thought how the heck to tell the time, but once noticed the hidden numbers, its getting easy peasy. One of the best in hidden numbers concept line. 5*


  4. Nice simple visual effect which really appeals, me likey. Would be cool with a nice domed lens, has a kinda reatro charm! 5/Y Best of luck! 😀


  5. LED is not my favorite since I prefer to check my watch with a quick glance without fumbling with buttons, otherwise…
    … excellent idea with the right amount of riddle, readability and design. Good presentation as well!



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