Trinity E-paper watch for fashion & function

Design submitted by Yoshi from Japan.

Yoshi says: This is my e-paper watch design called “Trinity”. I chose e-paper for this design because I wanted to create something you can wrap around your wrist with a bold design.

To keep things simple I chose “segmented e-paper” this is type of e-paper similar to LCD,  it has a fixed display of blocks that can be can turn on or off. In this case, triangle shapes.

The watch has a strong geometric pattern so in some ways it looks like a fashion accessory bangle.

In this watch I incorporated bluetooth technology to link with your phone, along with a built in speaker & mic.

It has all the same functions of a normal bluetooth headset.

• Answer phone

• Control music on your phone.

• Alert sounds for email, twitter etc.

As with a bluetooth headset it is your choice if you answer the phone call using your headset or your phone – so the same works with the watch. Press the “answer” button on the watch & you can speak directly into the watch while your phone is in your bag or jacket – maybe you are driving at the time.

Otherwise you can pick up your phone and take a call normally.

For music controls the phone has simple next, back & play/pause buttons.

So while you are listening to music on the train with your phone in your pocket, you can easily use these controls on the watch & leave the phone in your jacket.

The display has a positive and negative mode, so you can reverse it if you prefer.

E-paper is usually black & white only, but with a tinted glass lens on the watch we can have a selection of colours. Very easy to make, but looks great.

19 thoughts on “Trinity E-paper watch for fashion & function

  1. Love the design, however I think it will be more sophisticated with squares instead of triangles telling time. But keep the triangles anyway so you could make some art (maybe through a USB-link on the PC or an app) like tangram or origami on the watch/bracelet.
    Love it and would definitely buy it.


  2. Looks very nice, very Tokyoflash indeed! Could be out of the TF Design department!
    Are you new to the blog Yoshi? if so welcome. Im loving the look of this one and the simple time telling suites me just fine! The coloured glass ones look awesome! Well done sir! 5/Y Best of luck! 😀


    • Thank you Pete. This is my first design to send in but I have read this blog before. I always enjoy seeing your design also!


  3. I think it’s a great design and very techy. I probably wouldn’t wear it too much in public, however! Best of luck, Yoshi, and 5/y from moi!


    • Thank you dzign555. I agree – I think the pattern might be strange for some people. However, I see many people wearing accessories: necklace, rings, satchel, armband etc & so these people its probably more suited to. Maybe it is like ‘tokyo street punk’ fashion?


  4. Wonderful! Looks very nice and the functions are useful! I like the colored version too but I prefer the black-white one. E-paper rocks! Welcome to the blog! 5*/YES


  5. This is a great design 😀 The black-and-white is my favorite. 5* and welcome to the blog!

    A suggestion: Have some of the triangles rotate to make the numbers look smoother.


    • Thank you Jordan. I am glad you like the B&W version. Me too. Its good to have a choice of color, red, blue, yellow – but how about no color at all 😉


  6. Yes, I agree with Jordan, just a little more clarity, without changing the look, just by filling out a few extra triangles?
    5 * / Yes.


  7. Nice concept indeed, I was screaming back then…. (digging my blender file)…. btw display you proposed IMHO is too artistic for me, but I like the overall idea…. its like peddle watch… (aww digging my blender file again)!

    If this is decided to sale, I’ll consider buying. 5* great work!


  8. welcome to the blog, Yoshi.

    Watches with bluetooth capability are not my cup of tea. The display would be better if the digits segments would light up as square. I like the idea to use tinted glass lens to add color to a colorless tech. The overall look is great.

    A note on the rendering : on some picture the lens look broken. ( the one with the phone / the red / the blue / and the “patern” named one )


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