Enko LCD watch uses concentric arcs to tell time.

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: Enko is an easy to read watch concept. Analogue or LCD version is available.

Indicate the time in three parts. (hours, minutes and seconds)

14 thoughts on “Enko LCD watch uses concentric arcs to tell time.

  1. Very nice looking! I like the analog versions – the white discs look cool on colored ground! I still have trouble to read it but I’ll work it out because the design convinces me 🙂 Good luck Laszlo!


  2. The time reading takes a little getting used to, but it looks fantastic! so who cares what time it is! 5/Y Best of look Laszlo! 😀


  3. There’s something very appealing about the way those arcs fit together.


  4. I love the last picture, Laszlo. How did you get that reflection effect? Did you photograph your room and import the pic?


    DZ 5*


    • Hi Dzign,
      thank you for your comment.
      The reflection effect on my Enko watch is an spherical environment map.

      You can use a map for the background of a scene.
      Reflection maps and Refraction maps also use environment coordinates instead of texture coordinates.
      While texture coordinates project a map onto particular geometry, environment coordinates project a map
      onto the world coordinate system. If you move the object, the map remains in place.
      If you move the point of view, the view of the map changes.
      This type of mapping system is used with reflection, refraction, and environment maps.


  5. very nice watch 5*. I love the 60-20-40 mark. It give a confusion that would not be there if it was 0-20-40, but it is much nicer. I’m confused by the time reading : Do you count the lights that are on or off ?


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