Coal’n’Acid LCD watch uses 2 layers viewed at an angle

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: I was sketching for a watch, that uses a two storey display that can be read best from a certain perspective.

The four digits of time (or date) are shown in the well known LCD numbers. But they are split into an upper and a lower half. Both halves are stacked above each other while the lower half is below the upper half – easy to keep in mind.

If you look orthogonally at the display, you cannot read it. Any other angle might be good with some practice but the only perfect point of view is from about 45˚ below.

From there the two layers are visually aligned and you can recognise the four numbers. This perspective is reserved to the wearer so the display looks cryptic to others. The lower layer is the bottom face of an upside-down truncated pyramid and is therefore always visible.

The edgy design of the watch is based upon this geometric shape. The lower half of numbers uses coloured LCD while the upper one uses the traditional black LCD. Β While working with the split LCD parts I came up with the title “coal and acid” standing for the black and the coloured numbers. That name is as strange as the watch itself, so I kept it.

This is a watch for people with a sense for breaking traditions. The LCD style is known but has been transformed in an artistic way so arts lover might like this watch. The cryptic looking display encourages deciphering and so I also address the homo studens mirus (the common geek).

This is a sharp remarkable watch with a tricky and stylish display that looks familiar but is actually unseen like this before.

28 thoughts on “Coal’n’Acid LCD watch uses 2 layers viewed at an angle

  1. I’ve been waiting for this design to land! So simple but so effective! and more angles than Cryton’s head! (red dwarf) I hope this one does well! 5/Y Best of luck Sam! πŸ˜€


  2. I am really impressed by the imagination of Sam! oufff

    Now, I must save, to buy about ten his projects, to start.

    This watch is great and the note is expected to rise sharply.

    5 * / Yes, but it deserves still more!


  3. hey sam. you know i’m a big fan of your work.. this is an awesome idea – a new interpretation of an idea of mine that was posted a while back – . i really like how the two screens are just one on top of the other – at the time i submitted my idea, i had not thought of making the front screen transparent. the dual colors is a nice touch too. for myself, of course, i would prefer if the styling of the case and strap were a little more feminine, but beautiful work, as always — and especially awesome animation! πŸ™‚


    • Good point Heather.
      This design would work well as unisex & probably only needs some subtle changes – slightly rounding off some of the corners & having a leather strap option might be enough.


    • Thanks for the comment Heather! Hehe, it’s interesting how minds work :Β° Yes, the unisex thingy is still something I have to learn πŸ˜‰


    • Me likely the blue LCD one, so retro futuristic. My only concern is, is there a chance you sell this in Venezuela? Whats the cost of watch in Venezuela money? Eehe


      • lΓΆl Fir, what country is it tomorrow πŸ˜€ It would be cool to see, where Tokoflash watches made it around the planet. Thank you for the comment.


      • Thats a really nice idea, bit like how you can have a map of your friends on FB, arrows showing the path of watches from Japan to all the customers around the world. woooo


      • Yes, the act of selling one of his watches in only one region of a single country fully satisfy me!


  4. love the design….i only worry if you would be able to tell time in the sunlight.
    if you can, then i would buy for sure πŸ™‚


    • Hehe, as for any other device, a quick turn about 10Β° is easy to make πŸ˜‰ The Kisai 3D Unlimited seems to be properly readable, so I cheekily assumed this for my concept too. We will never know for sure before the watch is getting sold hehe. Cool you like the design diclo, thanks for commenting!


  5. Thank you all for coming and leaving some love :3

    I can only recommend to stay tuned. This block rocks!!!

    Crystalline cheerios,

    Sam from Germany


  6. I love the overall look, especially the upside-down truncated pyramid and the red one. ( the last pic )
    I love the idea to split the time, but I’m not sure about the angle you have to use to read the time.


    • Thank you Makk for commenting! The angle is perfect, believe me. You just don’t have to turn the wrist to perfectly face your face (which noone really does actually I think), just a little lower than normal and you have it πŸ™‚ Cool, the last one was a happy addition some days after I finished the concept. I’m glad I made it!


      • “You just don’t have to turn the wrist to perfectly face your face (which noone really does actually I think)”

        You thought wrong because I do that, pretty much all the time, lol. ( 95% + ) I have a few watches that I need to do that to be able to read the time correctly.

        But, I guess, TF will try and choose the best angle. I would need a video of the actual watch to consider buying it.

        I have a suggestion, for another similar design : use the 1st layer to show the full time & keep the pyramid as a special effect.


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