Satellite watch displays Earth & moon to tell time.

Design submitted by Alexander from Russia.

Alexander says: The idea came suddenly. I invented specifically for your contest.

Wrist digital clock made in an elegant stainless steel housing. Under the shock-resistant sapphire crystal is a contrasting color display.
Built-in GPS sensor helps to show just the other side of the planet and the land on which you are now.

Moon – the hour hand. Closing the shadow of the earth – a minute. The exact time is synchronised to the satellite.

I think such a watch fit young active people

Such an idea I’ve never had.  Cool Watch!

20 thoughts on “Satellite watch displays Earth & moon to tell time.

  1. Nice idea! I kinda had an idea similar like this, but didn’t post it yet. Don’t worry, its not that similar. But great concept! If I was an astronomer I would definitely wear this everyday.


  2. Nice I appreciate the work and the result is beautiful. My only complain this is not designed by Sam-chin sensei. Even it’s not so toyoflashy but I’ll definitely buy one if it is made to reality. Me gusta 😉


    • I had similar ideas but couldn’t translate them satisfyingly… yet 😉

      The approach is good, the result looks pretty good too.

      Some minor issues: Shadows of earth and moon would always be the same, but this would be astronomically smart-assing; the moon would be seen from it’s backside, when it’s between earth and the viewer, but it’s ok to show the always known view of it; the shadow on earth alone is not precise enough to tell the minutes, but not everyone needs the exact minute and indicators would maybe destroy the pure view. Ok, enough of it.

      The GPS idea is great and maybe the current moon phase could be told too, so astronomers AND astrologers would be happy. Good luck!


  3. Wow this watch is really cool and I would love to see this becoming reality. The only problem is that it is pretty hard to guess the minutes. Maybe you could do tha by letting the earth rotate…


  4. The moon obviously does a good job of describing the hours but Im struggling to see how the minutes are highlighted. I presume its something to do with the shodow acros the globe, could do with some kind of marker to help with the accuracy. Looks great, if the real thing could look this pretty 5/Y (with a few tweaks) Best of luck Alexander


  5. Ya the 7:15 and 1:40 minutes I don’t understand. I am guessing on the 7:15 the middle of the shadow is the minutes but on the 7:40 it is not correct then. Nice design though!


    • Hm I think, if the shadow starts at the right edge (east) and moves to the left (west) then it’s all correct. 00 isnt seen (very weak), 40 is over the middle (which is 30) and 15 is about 1/4 of the width.


  6. I like it! Great idea of design. This should remind us that we need to remember about our home-Earth!


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