Camalien LED watch …almost ALIVE!

Design submitted by Peter (UK) & Sam (Germany)

Peter & Sam say:Β The initial idea for Camalien was a watch that changes its colour with the mood of the wearer. But mood is an abstract thing that could be dozens of measurable things in reality. We kept the colour changing aspect and gave the watch a camera.
The display of Camalien reacts to the environment like a chameleon.

The base technology for this concept consists of multicolour LEDs. They are arranged in a honeycomb-like array creating this cool hexagon pattern similar to reptilian skin. With such an array many things are possible:

Time telling: Time can be told with the press of a button. Four numbers in HH/MM mode tell the time. Another press reveals the date in MM/DD mode.

Assimilation mode: This mode lets the display pulse in the colour of the environment, looking like an adapting chameleon. The camera delivers the necessary data and a software translates reality into hexagon matrix colour information.

Time pulse: The could be an automatic animation mode that lets the display pulse up in current environment colours with an overlay of the current time.

Wordstream mode: The array also allows to post messages. It’s nothing for emergencies, but fun! We suggest an interactivity with a smartphone (Bluetooth) or the computer (USB) to be able to edit text. Just tell everyone what you think!

Response mode: With this mode, the watch displays words, that are normally associated to colours and patterns. Imagine, you are in a blank white room. Camalien would show “boring” to you. If you are in a room with red flashing lights, Camalien would show for example “ouch, my eye!” This behaviour lets the watch seem to have a consciousness.

Capture mode: This would allow you to capture an environment and save it, by holding the button for two seconds. So parallel to the automatic Assimilation mode, this gives you a chance to control the display. If you like the colours of a painting, you can save them.

Composition mode: This mode offers a range of display patterns (stripes, dots, circles etc.). You can capture some colours nearby and then compose them into a geometrical pattern of your choice. Adapt the display to the situation you are in, be it a game of your favourite team or being in the cinema or a club or even a museum!

Swarm mode: Since we suggest Bluetooth connectivity, Camalien should also react to other watches of it’s kind in range. Every watch in range could suddenly show up the same display or share previously programmed information… the possibilities are endless.

Camalien is a fashion accessory with quite some options to customise. Adapt to your environment, show your mood, display your team colours, make your outfit complete!

164 thoughts on “Camalien LED watch …almost ALIVE!

  1. Had to come back and check on this watch…like i said im new here and would be cool to see this go from concept to reality! Alot more comments since I commented and even one from tokyoflash…cool! For the record even if the tech required causes this watch turns out to be the most expensive from tokyoflash i would still love to buy it! I actually thought it was already being made πŸ™‚ Nevertheless ill be checking back on this one often. Camalien needs to be made! BTW i just got my satelite watch and love it! Arrived so fast! Too bad the white is sold out because i want that one too o well.


    • Awww… yeah sometimes watches sell out too fast, sometimes one is lucky because Tokyoflash produce a further series.

      Thanks for comming back! It’s cool to know that it could be a more expensive watch for you. Maybe Tokyoflash dare the step.

      Pete and I are overwhelmed about how Cammy is recieved. It’s spreading online like apple cake fragrance in real life. We were like 50/50 before if the design would convince or be too much for the folks. It’s hard to make predictions when you’re at home dreaming watches hehe.


    • Yeah thanks for the second visit. I have missed a few watches due to them selling out, then the next time they are available I have no money (cruel fate why do you mock me?) Its nice to know that you would be happy paying a little more, I hope one day you get the chance to place that order. Thanks for the great comments! πŸ˜€


  2. Sometimes you see something when browsing the internet that blows your mind you think and talk about it for years to come. This is one of those things. I’d buy this in a heartbeat. The color screen with the camera-chameleon idea? Incredible. AND bluetooth? Mind = blown.


    • hahaha I know what you mean Mike, Its a relief that you mean this design! lol
      I see many images on the net that blow my mind but they are probably too inapropiate for this blog! lolol
      Your positive comment blows my mind so I thank you sir! πŸ˜€


    • That’s a nice comment! I also know this feeling, seeing images online that accompany you for years because of their virality. It would be awesome if Camalien would be like this too. It’s cool you see it that way! Thank you for the comment! Feel free to share and spread the word and cross fingers πŸ˜€


  3. This watch is awesome! The design is really cool and the idea of changing the colors depending on the environment is great! I would definitely buy this one if I didn’t already had my RPM SS watch :p maybe for Christmas then πŸ™‚ (Gave it 5 stars!)


    • hehe thats what friends and family are for….presents! Im glad you like it! Hopefully it will be in your stocking a xmas in the not too distant future. Thanks for the comment and the stars! πŸ˜€


    • Thanks from me too! Mh, green and red color scheme on the display, a christmas song playing, snowing outside… Now I want one too hehe.


  4. sorry but….this will be made. Even if TF doesn’t make it..i will try to make my own ones made frm cardboard and glue.


  5. Seth here again. Just had to check back in with this concept.

    Im disapointed to see theres no news on whether or not this concept is making it’s way toward becoming a reality. Is there any way of being notified by TF when they are looking into bringing this to life?

    And if they aren’t can I suggest looking into promoting this concept through Kickstarter? It would be a shame to see this join the ever growing list of cool technology that never made it past the concept stage.


    • Hi Seth, nice to hear from you again.
      As far as I know when TF are considering/making a design they tend to let the designer/s know. Sometimes they tell of their interest here but thats not always the case.

      I here good things about the kickstarter site, trouble is with that is of course you need either manufacturing/development knowledge or have people on board for that, so you just require the finances.
      Sadly we dont have the knowledge or the contacts to make this a workable project on kickstarter.
      So we are very much reliant/hopeful that TF will take pity on us!

      Thanks for the continued interest and another fantastic comment! πŸ˜€


    • Yeah TF have to watch out what they tell. Even if they like a concept, I can imagine, they have to do alot of research before making an official statement – so it’s all possible at the moment πŸ˜‰

      Kickstarter… I heard about this alot the last months. I think Pete is right that those projects only have to be $$$ away from finishing. Maybe we use this alternative one day. Right know Pete and I are “just” guys with ideas.

      It’s cool that you keep an eye on this concept! I recommend: stay tuned πŸ˜€


  6. Hi Pete,

    I’ve been thinking a bit about this design, as it presents possibilities that may make an idea I’m working on feasible. Above you say that this is a “press button to display time” watch, and that in one of the modes it “pulses up every minute.” Is it possible for this to be an “always on” watch? Or is that too power-consumptive? In my opinion, looking down at a watch to be reminded that I have to press a button “gets old” after a while. (Optional over-night USB re-charge, perhaps…) What about an LCD display…is it too expensive to cut the hexagons in this scenario?

    I’m interested in the technological aspects. It would be great if Tokyo Flash could provide some links as to what is or isn’t possible.




    • Hi DZ!

      The Kisai Seven is kind-of always on, having the LEDs pulsing regularily. We like this feature for Camalien because this makes it look alive.

      There has to be a way to safe energy and to tell the time. So an activation button has to be there. The button we have up there also activates the camera, so we have at least one reason to have it.

      USB recharge would be good because we expect quite an energy consumption.

      Oh yeah, some orientation about what is possible would be nice. But I think an idea is represented by a cool image first, then the issues come. If people start to love the image, the concept is sold πŸ™‚ Remember my comment on your triangle watch, about how the display can be done? That difficulty did not influence the rating for me cause that’s Tokyoflash’s problem later, if they consider to make the watch. I think we can get good hints about what’s possible in the Tokyoflash shop, especially when comparing the fan-made concepts with their real productions (UZUMAKI, RPM, SEVEN, ON AIR, STENCIL, KAIDOKU). But Tokyoflash try to break new ground every day and so really new hints are top secret I guess. I made a lot of concepts by now and I vary in being realistic or utopic. I say, do what’s fun for you and what you think would bait the people. If it’s good, limited technology knowlege and less presentation skills are irrelevant.


    • Hi DZ, I think Sam covered most bases there. I agree that it would be useful if TF had a brief guide on whats possible tech wise. But then too much knowledge can restrict your creativity. Sometimes creativity pushes the improvent of the tech. I think it would be possible to do an LCD version which would get around the power issue but may loose some of the magic. Colour LCD maybe a nice half way house. My advice to designer is to have half a mind on the limitations of the tech so your design is pretty realistic but don’t let it hamper your creativity. If the idea is cool I’m sure TF will find away around the tech issues. Good luck with your new designs! πŸ˜‰


  7. Thanks, Pete and Sam – that’s really useful info. Basically you touch on the things I guess a lot of us go through in the design of these watches. For example, you have a great idea, then the “reality” of whether it’s possible potentially stems the creativity. But I’m the kind of person who wants to see the really radical ideas – like yours – even if it defies the technical limits. To me, necessity is the mother of invention, and if it’s screaming out to be made…a way will be found. For example, Sam, you said that there’s a prob with e-paper updating every second…well, how about bending the rules and making it update every 5 seconds? Does a second hand have to show each and every second? We’ve been conditioned into thinking of time in these arbitrary units – that’s what I enjoy about the potential here – breaking the rules.




  8. Only a little while left for this one.
    Thanks everyone who voted, commented and shared, thanks to the external blogs for featuring this design, thanks to TF for posting it here on the blog and cheers to Sam for the coop! πŸ˜€

    Hopefully we see more of this design in the future!
    Thanks everyone,

    Pete from Blighty πŸ˜€


  9. That was a good month! Pete says it all! I’m happy about how the concept is recieved. Thank you everybody for your various types of support! Pete, it was fun to coop with you.

    I cross my fingers for this concept.

    Stay tuned everybody πŸ™‚

    Sam from Berlin (the original)


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