Dieter Rams Inspired LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Mattia from Italy.

Mattia says: “After millions of paper sheets full of sketches, I was looking at some Dieter Rams design work on my iMac… and the idea came to me!

This LED watch design has two rows of LEDs, separated in groups of 5, 4, 3 and 2 less. In the first row you can read the hours, in the second row you can read the minutes x5. The last four leds indicate the minutes x1. In the second row you can easily spot the 30 minutes and the 45 minutes marks.

This design would be perfect for young people, minimal style lovers, and anyone who has an interest in the work of Dieter Rams. The simplicity, the negative space, and the “mathematical” arrangement of the less is what makes this design stand out.”


12 thoughts on “Dieter Rams Inspired LED Watch Design

  1. Cool 🙂

    I like the minimalistic style (shape, materials, black/white) and the time telling works fine. I looks like a bit retro, like a punch card computer thing hehehe. It’s not intuitive (not all gaps are important), but that’s totaly ok. One just has to keep in mind, the 4-block is 6-9 hours or 30-45 minutes, then it’s super easy. I wonder, if it’s crazy enough for Tokyoflash. You get 5*/YES from me cause I really like it and yes, I would buy it.

    Hey, I just saw your first entry. That was before my time. That’s a crazy one that would definitely start a conversation 🙂

    Anyway, good luck Mattia!


  2. Nice simple back to basics look, with an unusuall but recogniseable time telling method. For me the proportion between lights and plain case could do with tweaking ever so slightly (larger leds) but this is a subjective thing. Is this your first post on the blog Mattia? if so welcome and best of luck 5/Y


  3. I like its minimalistic style and the choose of materials. Altough it could be very difficult to read (I still don’t understand how does it works pretty much), I think it’s a great idea for a watch and it could have lots of estimators all over the world. I usually don’t like watches without pointers ’cause they don’t remind me sexual situation, but for this one I could make an exception.


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