Check The Time With The Checkpoint Watch Design

Design submitted by Lloyd from Australia.

Lloyd says: “This concept watch design is called “Checkpoint”. I thought it would be fun to create a modern-looking watch with circular LED lights that resembles a conventional analog watch. It’s called “Checkpoint” because you have to check the points (spots) to find out the time and date.

When the time mode is on, the number 12, the watch’s ‘hands’ and the number 6, made up of 12, 5 and 9 LED lights, light up to indicate the hours and minutes. Similarly, when the date mode is on, the number 9, the watch’s ‘hands’ and the number 3, also made up of 12, 5 and 9 LED lights, light up to indicate the month and day. Encircling these is a ring of 12 LED lights indicating the seconds at 5 second intervals. The diagrams below explain how to read the time and date.

The time display can be set to be “always on” or off to prolong battery life. In addition, all the LED lights may be illuminated at the same time just for fun.

This watch is USB rechargeable via a computer and the strap is made from a man-made material that is animal friendly. The case is made of metal and has holes drilled in it for the LED lights. The watch comes with a choice of several different coloured straps and the LED lights are available in different colours too.

I feel this design would appeal to anyone who likes the modern industrial look, quirky things, creativity and thinking “outside the box”. This design stands out because of its unique and original display which is also modern-looking and very simple to read.”


23 thoughts on “Check The Time With The Checkpoint Watch Design

  1. Wow what a creative idea again! This one works very good.

    It’s a bit a pity, that the 9 and the 6 look so different. But I see why. Actualy cool that you made them with the same dot density. I think it would be nice if the whole display is lit up and the relevant LEDs flash, making the display look like not properly functioning… later, when it’s time to make it 😉

    5•/YES/Good luck/!


    • Thanx for your feedback Sam. 🙂 Yeah flashing LEDs would be funny. I think it’s sort of funny that it looks broken when it’s displaying the time or date with only some of the lights showing.


  2. Hi Mushy, this is a fun idea, a little complex at first, but with a time of learning, it should be easier to read.
    5 * / Yes.


  3. I like this one. Very creative use of 12-5-9. I agree with Sam’s idea that it would be neat if they were all on, and the blinking ones would tell the time. It’s probably not something I would wear, but I appreciate the concept and acknowledge that many would. 5*


  4. Great way of merging diffrerent time telling methods into one. Love the fact it looks like a conventional watch face untill closer inspection. Funky looking too, your graphics are still improving! 5/Y best of luck Mushy! 😀


  5. How are you King-san?

    Good idea!

    But I think the time telling is too geeky, and will use most of the multi-core processors in my brain to process the time. Ahhh…. remember a comment of yours to a too good to be true comment, I’ll try my best to convey honest comment and at the same time doesn’t hurt much, and more productive.

    The layout for this is cool though, just need a less puzzling time. Goodluck!


    • Hi Firdy. Yeah I’m ok thanx. Hope you are too. 😉 Thanx for your feedback. Sorry it’s a bit geeky. I wouldn’t pay much attention to what I say. 😀 Hope to see one of your watch designs on the blog soon.


  6. I like tricky watch, so I like that one. I love that you can set it to “alway on”. I also like that you put the number 3, 6, 9, 12 even if they are useless ( you could have make 4 squares of lights at the same position ) & that the 12 dots surounding the display are use for the seconds and not for decorative purpose. I would buy it.


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