X Watch Design Marks The Time

Design submitted by Zoltan from Hungary.

Zoltan says: “I wanted to create an uniquely shaped watch with minimal design. This is the “X Watch”. It displays the time in 24 hours and has an always-on LCD display.

The top sections represent the hours, the bottom sections represent the minutes, left side is tens right side is ones. Each square means one unit in the decimal number system, zero is displayed as nothing. When the clock shows midnight the whole display is blank and only the center is blinking.

At the center of the X is a blinking square to indicate that the watch is in operational mode. It’s also a touch sensitive part, that switches on the backlight. This design would be perfect for anyone who loves simple but unique design.”


16 thoughts on “X Watch Design Marks The Time

  1. Hi Zoltan, welcome to the blog!

    A simple X to tell the time? That’s a cool idea and “the X watch” would be a cool name. The time telling works pretty good.

    The watch could be more massive for me. Especially the connection between X-corners and straps shouldn’t be that fragile.

    If Tokyoflash would take care if this idea, it’s a 5*/YES which I give you 🙂


  2. Welcome to the blog Zoltán and I’m very happy when I see concepts coming from my country to the blog! I agree with Sam regarding the connection. Good luck!


  3. Hi Zoltan,

    I don’t know why this isn’t scoring in the 4s – it’s a fantastic idea. Imagine wearing an X watch – that’d surely grab attention. And it’s far easier to tell the time with this than with some TF watches. 5* from me! (I agree with the LED comments – some colour would be X-tra cool.)



  4. Welcome to the blog Zoltan. Great first design, very stylish! I had cotemplated an X shaped watch myslef but never came up with a suitable time telling method . Yours works great once you know how. I think the case needs to be more edgy and maybe a bit more detailed but that is something TF would work on if the design was chosen. Bags of potential so 5/Y Best of luck! 😀


  5. I like the design but think a wider strap to match the bold watch would help and also the divisions between the minute blocks could be slightly more prominent to make it easier to count them at a glance. Apart from that, love it.


  6. reminds me of my watch 😛 but the x shape is really unique 🙂 cool design i wouldn’t wear it, its to far apart from a watch but that’s just my taste, best of luck! 🙂


  7. Hey Zoltan … welcome to the family of watch designers … Its really nice futuristic watch … Vivid n’ Jolly looks … nice color selection … the BLUE one … We will hope that your design will soon become reality …


  8. This design would be good for a man or woman. Very Artistic. Would be nice with shiny steel finish too!



  9. Very nice design. 5* The connection between the strap and the case could be closer to the center. that way it would be less fragile. or the holes could be made directly in the top corner of the case.


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