Domino Dots Display The Time

Design submitted by Andy from the Ukraine.

I decided to realise a domino-watch using boxes and points. Three boxes at the top of the watch first means the first digit of the hour and six boxes at the bottom of the display means first digit of the minutes. The Domino dots at the top of the display indicates the second digit of the hour and domino dots at the bottom of the display indicates the second digit of the minutes. (see examples on how to tell the time in scheme picture).

This design would be perfect for Modern peoples, teenagers, fashionable style people. It’s a new way of time telling, based on joinging differents shapes (boxes and points) in one watch.


6 thoughts on “Domino Dots Display The Time

  1. Very interesting idea and a pretty fresh usage of the domino theme!

    Hm, the actual time telling display is pretty small so the majority of the display is empty. But if the center is a button, it’s cool 🙂 For me, blue dots on black background would be more appealing than black dots on blue ground on black background. If the watch were black, the blue dots would shine out even more sexy, hehe.

    Anyway, I like what you did here way more than the ninja watch. Sober geometry, precise and interesting time telling. You have my 5*/YES and good luck!


  2. The time reading works well and as Sam says its a fresh way of using the domino inspiration to tell the time. Looks feasible too. I like the styling too and again as Sam says using the middle section as controls would be nice, also plenty of room for branding. Its a nice concept, my favorit of your recent posts. 5/Y good luck! 😀


  3. nice design. I have 1 question : how does it show the 0 using the dots ? ( 1:00-1:10-1:20, etc. )


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