Watch That Shows Time Between The Numbers

Design submitted by Jens from Sweden.

Jens says: “When I played around with different shapes for digits, I discovered the empty spaces between them and thought these patterns should give enough information to show the time.

After drawing and redrawing the empty spaces, I stayed with a design consisting of only vertical, horizontal and 45 degrees lines. This ought to make it easier to produce this watch with a lcd display.

The time is presented with three 2-digit lines, one for hours, one for minutes and one for seconds. Only the empty space inside the pair is shown. It is simply a matter of focusing on the surroundings rather than on the shapes. The lines will also present year, month and day when touching the display.

With a sober metal case and strap it is worn as a piece of jewellery to an evening dress, but with a plastic/rubber case and bolder colours in the display it could be used in every day life.”


9 thoughts on “Watch That Shows Time Between The Numbers

  1. Snyggt! =)

    Solid work, this. The display is nice and sober with (for my taste) the right mix of readability and obtuseness. I do have a couple of small gripes, though. I’m not quite friends with the rectangular body. It’s not as extreme as some, and it works with the display, but I would like to see something a bit wider.
    Also, the number combination ’06’ is pretty tricky to read. It’s not impossible, and I’m sure one would learn in time, but perhaps the difference could be slightly more pronounced.
    These are just my opinions, of course, and I’m sure TF would know what they were doing if they decide to produce it, so thumbs up!


  2. Tack för ditt snabba svar, Kul att du gillar den 😉 / Thank you for your quick replay, glad you like it !

    All opinions are good, I make myself to take a step back and reflect what could be done better.

    Since most of the watches on the blog is of unisex or male design, I tried to do something for the ladies.
    This explains the narrow, small size case. I can think of a male variant with to “columns”, one for date and one for time, which will require a more quadratic case.


  3. Are you new to the blog Jens? if so welcome!

    The display looks very artistic and abstract which is nice. I find it a little difficult to read the time as the outside of the numbers is not defined. I would be tempted by having a reveal function for when people havent got time to work it out. Overall a nice idea with bags of potential. 5/Y Best of luck


    • Thankyou for your welcome and comment.
      Yes, I am new here, but I have followed the blog for quite a while and is amazed how many ways it is to present something so simple as the time of the day.
      Initially I tried to show both sides of the digits, but I though it was to easy 😉 to read the it.
      A hidden outline (or a hidden other side) is a very good idea to “reveal the secrets”.


  4. Hi Jens! Welcome from me too 🙂

    I like your idea of showing what’s between the numbers. The remaining shapes look cool. I agree with Pete, maybe the readability need some tweaking. I’m actually working on a similar problem in my spare time. Similar but way different of course hehe. Maybe if you allow the cavities of 0,6,8 and 9 to be black too, it would be easier to read (especially for 0/6 times). On the other hand, one shouldn’t underestimate the seconds, that teach the numbers contiuously. Very nice first entry Jens, good luck with it!


    • Nice with this friendly and welcoming attitude on this blog.
      I am very grateful for your comment, there is always room for improvment. About “similar, but way different of course, hehe”. I would never hade come up with this idea without inspiration from other designs on this blog.


  5. Hi Jens,

    I think this is a beautiful watch. Nice and sleek. I would suggest a couple of things:

    1. Put a dividing line between each row. I actually downloaded your images and tried – to me it makes it easier to read, without taking the puzzle aspect away completely.
    2. I don’t know why, but the red background in your images doesn’t appeal to me. I tried editing your pictures, and the watch looks much nicer with black, light blue or beige.

    Anyway, just some suggestions. Nice timepiece!




    • Thank you for your kind words and your advice
      1. I agree it could be a good thing to put a little bit of space between the pairs of digits to make them easier to read.
      2. Yes, it is (almost) all about presentation. I will try some more neutral background colours next time I make an entry.


  6. Hi Jens, Im sorry this design didnt get more interest and votes than it did, the concepts posted around this time seem to be victims of a quiet period on the blog. Maybe you create a MkII version using some of the feedback from the comments? 😉


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