A Watch Design That Eclipses Time

Design submitted by Timur from Kyrgyzstan.

Timur says: “Creations of hours in style of a solar eclipse has been developed by me owing to the rare and beautiful natural phenomenon as an eclipse. This natural the phenomena always caused in me feeling of delight and surprise.

This watch design is for people seeking to stand out from the general flow of creative watch users. Eclipse’s subject is reflected in the display with two colors: red – the hour hand and blue – the minute hand. This watch can be worn almost by everyone excepting lovers of mechanical watches.

The main difference between this model is in the world of colour changes, like an eclipse, the passage of time is reflected in blue and red flowers on a black background. In order to find enough time to touch the display, on a black background appears once «ECLIPSE» and the clock face and minute.


62 thoughts on “A Watch Design That Eclipses Time

  1. можно ли купить эти часы у вас, мне они очень понравились.


  2. brother Timur My god, good looking. Very interesting, fresh new concept/ Excellent design! Good luck!


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