REFLEXION watch mirrors numbers into symbols

Design submitted by Yoann from France.

Yoann says : i was watching a series on tv and i noticed that strange ancient symbols are often used in some movies, video games and other sci-fi stories and i told myself “why don’t make a watch concept with this ?”

So i tried something on my photo edit software and i found simply by superimposing two inverted number it make a cool alien/ancient looking symbol.

You will need REFLEXION for read this watch !

The principle is simple, they are 3 columns :

1st columns indicates the hours

2nd columns indicates the first number of minutes

3rd columns indicates the minutes units

Each symbol is just two numbers reflected in mirror.

Once you know the trick, it’s really easy to tell the time. The reading is direct.

Anybody could wear this watch on their wrist, i made a brushed metal model with blue leds that might perfectly suit to a woman (quite unusual here), even if, as a man, i love this one !

I think the design looks cool and intriguing but it’s really simple to read for those who know the trick anyway, in my opinion, it’s the thing that Tokyoflash is looking for.

More over the display can be adapted to LCD like LEDs.

I made two display mode :

1st, all symbols are lit and the 3 that indicate time are flashing.

2nd, just the 3 symbols that show the time are lit.

Finally i made a removable frame in shiny metal which looks nice on the black model, but maybe you will prefer the smoothness of the standard black model !

UPDATE: LCD screen version

29 thoughts on “REFLEXION watch mirrors numbers into symbols

  1. Nicely done, Yoann! Strap is a bit thick for my taste, but stick the display on a metal link watch or a strap like Satellite, and I’m in!


  2. Its really a magical reflexion concept … after so many days … I saw such a vivid concept …. with little twist … Yoann … Watch is awesome … numbers system is really outstanding …. luv to have one …


  3. This is “WOW” and “SWEETT33W2″ and OHHO YEAHHA3Y” and er thats all I got! lol
    I had thought about using a mirror in a design but could never find a nice way, this is perfect, the digits look like some kinda alien symbols making it cryptic but very easy to understand quickly. Nice styling too! Cant find anything wrong with this one! Congrats Yoann! 5stars and OHHO YEAHHA3Y!! 😀


  4. Thanks to all of you for your feedbacks =)
    Support french creation =D pretty unusual on Tokyoflash.

    Notice that the display could be adapted on LCD to even if i didn’t make a model with it.. maybe later !


  5. Very clever, nice work Yoann. It’s an interesting way to see numbers and relatively easy to read. Looks like hieroglyphics or some ancient language at first glance. I’m not sure about the case myself, but I do like the time display. Good thinking.


  6. The best in fresh concept category. The reflexion effect is awesome, just like cryptic futuristic japanese matrix! I do like the display very much, but would suggest different case and strap design, though not a bog deal. 6* YEAS!


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  8. This is a very cool, very ingenious idea. The number reflexions look like really cool alien symbols! Very nice.


  9. I don’t wish to be mean but reflecting numbers to make alien-looking symbols is a very old idea. Anyone who knows anything about puzzles will have seen this umpteen times.


  10. Maybe, but why not make a alien looking watch and easy to read with that ? 🙂

    I updated and added a LCD version too.


  11. I love the concept and love the display but it seems really narrow and much too like a ladies bangle bracelet. I like my watches to be a little more chunky and masculine (although perhaps I am not seeing it as it really is). I would buy it for a lady and think she would look really neat in it.


  12. It is one of the best watches of this blog as per my personal taste, it is ingenious in the sense that unlike many other watches that require someone to ‘decipher’ or ‘calculate’ the time for about 10 seconds or more, with this one you can read the time at once and still look very cool at the same time.

    I would buy this watch the first day of its release, and would buy some more for my friends and family.

    Very well done yoann, keep on the great work.



    • thanks enseisan 🙂 i’m glad to hear that !

      I hope Tokyoflash will be interested in this concept, or at least, i hope to get a feedback from them.


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