Four Squares Watch Inspired By The Watch Museum

Design submitted by Ignacio from Spain.

Ignacio says: “The inspiration for this watch design came from my previous submission, 4Cross. It’s practically the same idea, but much more simple and with another aspect. I searched for some inspiration in the Tokyoflash Watch Museum, the Tibida and Pimp Pusher watches inspiring me the most.

I designed two versions: one is LCD, always on and with various backlight colors. The other is LED, not always on with red LEDs with streamlined black IP. Both with a stainless steel case and strap. Both have two buttons in the right side, one to turn on backlight/leds, the other to set the time.

There are four squares arranged vertically. Each one is divided into 9 smaller squares and each position represents a number from left to right and top to bottom, from 1 to 9. Top two show the hours and two bottom show the minutes.

Anyone who loves Tokyoflash’s kinda watches. This time I tried to make it like a little jewel, something more typical of rich people. And people who likes minimalism, as I have tried to make the design.

I tried to be more like TokyoFlash designs that are no longer for sale, those “old designs”, such as “old school”, trying to give it a more tokyoflashy aspect. And it’s very easy to read.


17 thoughts on “Four Squares Watch Inspired By The Watch Museum

  1. The display is nice, simple and quick to learn. The styling is not my cup of tea at all but this is easily sorted by TF if they chose to develop it. I’ll give you 5 for the display as it has potential. Best of Luck with this one! 😀


    • I’m glad to see you like it Pete! It’s something comforting see other people consider and appreciate your work.

      The styling… I thought it was the right one. But as always, it’s Tokyoflash who will decide the final look, as you say.

      And thank you, for your words, your opinion and your vote! 😀


      • Yeah the styling is a very subjective thing. Some will love it as it is, but for me its a little classic looking.
        I would prefer something more futuristic.
        But the concept is the important thing and it has potential!
        Your welcome btw 😀


  2. Isn’t it 23:59 un the last picture, second example?
    Seems a bit difficult to see which field is on, if there are no division lines or some kind of indicators. Maybe engraved lines at the sides?
    I like that it looks like a bracelet!


    • Oh, how could I not see that bug? Yeah, you’re right, in that example, it’s 23:59, not 13:59.

      About the reading’s issue, I think it’s easy to see what number is. For example, in the case of 12:59 (fourth image, first example), it is easy to see that the first number is 1 because it is the top left, 2 it is above and center, the 5 is exactly in the center of his quadrant, and 9 is down right.
      Well, at least I think it looks easy.

      And I’m glad you like it! Thank you! 🙂


    • That’s right. With your comment I see the design more feminine. Maybe I have designed a unisex watch? What would you do to make it more feminine Firdaus?

      And thank you so much Firdaus-san! 😀


  3. I’m really against the 24HR watches because of the practical issue.

    Whenever you look at your watch to find the time, do you say to yourself: “It’s 19:45” or “It’s 7:45”?
    Whenever someone asks you for the time, do you say to them: “It’s 19:45” or “It’s 7:45”?

    I believe that most people (if not all) would respond with “7:45” rather than “19:45”.

    Is this watch creative and beautiful? Yes.
    Is this watch practical? No.

    I would consider buying this only if it has the 12HR display option.


    • I agree with your opinion, I think like you. I prefer, and see more logical, 12h mode that 24h. Everyone knows if it is morning or evening, so 12h mode is the most appropriate. Just to ilustrate the design I used the 24h mode, but TF, if they choose to develop it, will decide the best option.

      And now that you mention it, I could have designed it to be 12h mode: the problem, either 12 or 24, is that the tens of hours just reaching the number 2, having 7 small squares that are not be used; in 12h mode, as a possibility, it could be used 2 of those squares for PM and PM indicators.

      @TokyoFlash: And now we’re talking about it, a friend suggested me the idea of inverting the display: for X, turn on all except the X square. That could fix the problem of squares that are not used in the tens of hours and minutes. Get it?

      And thank you (of course) Vince, for your comment and your vote! 🙂


    • Personally, I use Blender, a “free open source 3D content creation suite”, to make the 3D objects and render them. Also I use Illustrator (the last image, the “how to”, was made with this program) or Photoshop to edit the renders.

      But there are many ways to do it. Just use what you have at your disposal and you know.

      Thank for your comment! 🙂


  4. Wow, I don’t know why the 24h or 12h mode is such a big issue. Three points to solve it forever: a) be open for the fact, that others have other preferences b) Tokyoflash will be wise enough to make options, it’s just a software issue. c) and if not, it’s a small inconvenience one could live with. It’s nothing compared to how Tokyoflash watches and those in the blog make your brain work. So “practical” is a word with a new meaning, if you evaluate concepts here within these pages.

    Phew, now to the watch 😀

    I like the 3×3 time telling method. Here you have 4 squares and people go like “Heh? I don’t see a 12” Lol. A positive/negative disaplay is also just a software issue – piece of cake. I’m not fluffy with the jewelry style, but I like the female approach you make – that’s rare in the blog. With some minor changes, it could be unisex. But if it were female only, it’s alright. Tokyoflash could use this 🙂 So, besides minor changes and things, that are just a piece of cake and in Tokyoflash’s hands anyway (if they choose to make it), this is a very cool 5* concept I could imagine to be in the shop. Good luck Ignacio!


    • About the 24h or 12 mode, personally, I don’t care, I have no problems, I understand both modes. So (by me) that TF decide, they know better than me how it works this world of the market, design and others.

      Now that some have mentioned it, I see the design aimed more to women than to men, but my intention was to make it unisex, so the men could wear without problems.

      Anyway, if TokyoFlash decides to develope it, I think they’ll make the best possible design. And I think the final look will change a lot. 😀
      Well, we’ll see how this ends.

      Thank you very much for your comment Sam!


  5. i think the watch could show more than one square to each digit and that way be a little more readable. great design


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