Drain LED Lines Watch Design

Design submitted by John from Canada.

The idea for this watch design popped into John’s head after seeing a drain covering.

Design is simple.  The two outer rings are hours, the second set of two rings after that is minutes which is broken up into 5 minute bars.  The inner most ring and the center circle are the seconds which is broken up into 10 second sections.

The screen is a touch screen which can be easily read yet be different enough that other will ask you what’s on your wrist.

View the animation file here.


11 thoughts on “Drain LED Lines Watch Design

  1. i really like it.
    futuristic/cryptic/simple/elegant……and very tokyoflashy.
    not sure why people seem to be rating it low.


  2. I can’t say Im blown away by this entry. It does look a little Rogue-esc.
    Also there is a lot going on, maybe a combination of colours or shades would help make it clearer like the first image, or seperate the three sections with some kind of dividing line etc. Best of luck anyway! 🙂


  3. @Gordon: What “lights” are you talking about??

    @i m: What sort of colors would you like to see? You mean different rings would be different colors like a rainbow?

    @diclonius: thank you for your nice comments! 🙂 Seems your the only one who liked my design.

    @Pete: It is a little Rogue-esc, but it wasn’t modeled after it at all. It is my own design. Just looks similar. I tried to make something that would be made as oppose to something that’s impossible to make.


  4. The design is futuristic, clean and tidy. A watch for the times to come. Can’t wait to see it on the market.
    Congratulations, it is a product of an innovative and open mind. It would make a nice gift, too. Could colors be varied?- let’s say, soft pastels for women? That would be really cool and have a broader clientele opportunities.
    A smaller version of different colors for children as well? – great market potential. I like it!


  5. Looks like a redux of already offered watches (Rogue Touch & SR2).
    The Rogue watches are much simpler and elegant.

    I would think the creator of the Rogue would be shorted if this were created.


    • Well its not a redux of the Rouge. Didnt even have the Rouge in mind when creating this.
      plus if it was a redux, which it isnt, I dont think they would of put it up on the blog now would they.. -_-


  6. where is the YES button? did I missed the deadline? it is a cool watch. It takes me awhile to figure out how to read it properly.


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