Ellipse – Time in LED Intersection

Design submitted by Lloyd from Australia.

As a puzzle designer, Lloyd is always looking for news ways of looking at things.

The entire watch is made up of ellipse shapes giving the name Ellipse.  First, press the button to turn the watch on and you will see a confusing array of ellipses.  Press the button again and the ellipses will rotate clockwise 90 degrees to reveal two rows of digit, the top one showing the time and the bottom one showing the date.  When you want to turn the watch off, just press the button again.


13 thoughts on “Ellipse – Time in LED Intersection

  1. I LOVE IT Best watch i have ever seen very creative and different i like the color and it is really cool good one Lloyd!! 🙂


  2. Hi Lloyd, welcome to the blog!

    + the idea of encryption. Oh cool! If it can be done, yes please! The 90° turn is so simple but confusing to the untrained eye and yet so easy to read if you know the magic. After some time, one could read the watch in the coded mode.

    + generally the idea of decoding by touch. Yes, you walk around with a seemingly unreadable watch and help yourself quickly.

    – the consequent usage of ellipses. As much as I welcome the mini ellipses in the display, I don’t like them that much as case and even less as strap seqments. If the big case ellipse would be smoothly flowing into continuous strap it would be more appealing to me. Or something else less kitschy. That’s the only problem I have and TF would take care of it, if they take the concept, so it’s actually not a problem 🙂

    I hope other people can look behind the obvious appearance and appreciate the cool display encryption idea, cause it really rocks in my opinion. Good luck for this one!


    • Oh I forgot. Try to find the “infinite loop” or “forever” check box in your animated gif maker next time. Then we can lean back and enjoy the display again and again without reloading the page 😉


  3. Thanx a lot for your kindness, Samukum. :o) I was dreading the comments on here. I agree with you about the case and strap. I just had to dress up the basic idea in something. Having read the submission instructions, I figured TF would take care of the overall design. Anyway, here’s the original animation I submitted and it IS in a loop:

    Lloyd 🙂


  4. I have to agree with Sam on this one, the display is nice, simple but cryptic. But the elipses for the case and strap is a bit much for my taste. If it was me I would have done a smaller display with perhaps just the time with larger numbers but thats only my opinion.

    Is this your first entry to the blog Lloyd? If so welcome, an interesting and unique submission! 🙂


  5. Hi Pete. Yeah, it’s my first go. I was going to submit it back in May but chickened out. Then, for some reason, I decided on the spur of the moment to submit it last Friday. Dunno why. I made the display with 2 rows of digits because I liked the pattern made by the ellipses. lol Thanx for your helpful comments and look forward to seeing your next exciting submission. I’ve done 2 more designs which I’ll try and submit over the weekend. Just wish I could create better images like yours.



    • So you are AHA, interesting, welcome! Never be afraid to submit, I always think that its best to put the idea out there, you never know how it will be recieved. I’ve had a couple that I really liked and was confident would do well and they’ve bombed, at then a couple that I was undecided whether or not to submit which were well recieved (comments wise) so you never no.
      You may be right with the pattern, maybe less numbers would loose the puzzle look.
      Nice renderings are good but the idea is the important thing and as long as your images explain your idea job done!
      Good luck with your next submissions and thanks for the compliment. 🙂


  6. Oval shape is nice but imho doesnt match well with the display. The decoding concept is nice and above ok but Im doubt if its me or u who confused, press then reveal or press then coded? With nice casing and proper strap, why not? TF may help u render the design if the display is provided and pretty well explain. Goodluck and all the best.


  7. I think this is a great original design. Its something I would buy. Any chance of using the watch face with a steampunk themed watch strap 😉
    Would definately like to see it eventually make it to the market for the general public to buy.
    A+++ for your effort.


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