Solid Radar Inspired Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

This radar inspired analog watch design from Laszlo has three color variants in a solid round stainless steel casing with a perforated front panel.

The time allocation follows traditional watch.Ā  The outer circle indicates the hours, the minutes in the middle and center smallest circle shows the seconds.


24 thoughts on “Solid Radar Inspired Watch Design

  1. Reminiscent of (I think it was your idea?) the Portal inspired watch featured last month or so. A little foggy on the details as I’m posting from my iPad.

    4* for simplicity, just not exactly to my taste šŸ™‚


  2. Hi Laszlo, beautiful watch!
    Question: Why in versions 11:40:25 4:30:10 ET, do not use the bar for hours, as 12:00:00? (with traditional needles, yes, but Led with, the hours between each point, seems small, less readable?)
    5 * / Oui pour le style!


    • Hello Patrick,
      The long signs: only whole hours and 5 minutes are displayed. This makes it easier to read.
      Thank you for the 5*.


      • Precisely, the models 11:40:25 , 4:30:10 , no bar of the hours is lit, but just one point, less readable?
        This is a detail.

        Excuse me for comment in French (error), I like the simple design of the watch!


  3. Hello Lazlo,

    Your a bit of a veteran here, if you submit a few ideas in quick succession how long does it usually take between the entries to get onto the blog? i.e if the first gets on monday, who long would it be untill the second gets on typically?


  4. Hello Peter,

    This may vary a few days, 1-2 weeks. I guess it depends on how many concepts were submitted at the same time.


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