Binary Tree LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says: “Binary data trees are an interesting way to display data.  After toying around with different binary tree structures, I found one that seems to display the time in an interesting and original manner”.

The hours are displayed by dots in the top tree, each time the hour ticks over, a random path is taken within the tree, resulting in the hours never displaying the same way twice.  The bottom tree displays minutes in subsets of 15 with a +30 minute marker in the middle.  Just count up the bottom dots and add 30 if the middle dot is on.  Minutes fill the same way every time for ease of reading.

This watch displays time in a random, yet interesting method.  The display could also be configured by the user to always fill in the hours in the same way, i.e. if there is an available node to the left, it will always take that path until the left half is full, which could also be a way of showing AM/PM.  The watch could fill to the left during the AM hours and the to the right for PM.

Fans of Tokyoflash Japan’s more cryptic designs would enjoy this watch on their wrist.


12 thoughts on “Binary Tree LED Watch Design

  1. Wow. This watch is stunning! Not only does this design scream awesomeness, but it looks like it would be a lower price range watch as well. My favorite is the black and yellow/gold design. The wrist strap compliments the watch very well. The uniqueness of the face doesn’t stop at the binary design, it continues with the slight ovalness to the metal frame of the face followed by the slight curves of the most outward part of the face. 5/5 Would buy.


  2. Thanks for your feedback, Greg! I’m glad you like.

    Note: the design is an always on LCD, and not a push button LED which lights up only for a few seconds.


  3. Its pretty challenging to read but would be okay once you get used to it. Looks like genealogy tree, root or anything you may imagine. I think the design is simple and geeky enough to make you feel smart and look different. Give me the red one, I give u 5*.


  4. Waited for this one, now it’s finally here. Thats a nice piece of wristwear. Alien, geeky, fashionable and the time reading is learn-worthy. Color variants ftw! The yellow one is for me. Cool how you decorated the straps with these two binary patterns. Also a cool AM/PM idea. Binary for president!


  5. Should the orange one not be 5:55? 5 hours, 15 + 10 + 30 min = 55 min?
    Cool design tho. But its not really binary, more like “30-base” math


  6. The idea is complex, not easy to read, especially in the morning upon awakening?
    I like the originality, 5 * / Yes!


  7. I agree with the comments above. Its very original but hard to read. The look is very cool so this is again a watch, I would like to have. Thats really tokyoflashy in my opinion. *****/YES and good luck!


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