Vibrating Plated Watch Design

Design submitted by Nemoto san from Japan.

This watch design is a redefined version of the NEMOTO Vibration Watch.  Basically,  time in Morse Code is told by the vibrating display of the watch, but now Nemoto san has made a more intuitive way of telling time.

The watch face has twelve plates indicating hours (1-12).  When the correct plate indicating the current hour is touched, it vibrates to tell the minutes.  One short vibration indicates 1-5 minutes, two short vibrations is for 6-10 minutes, and so on.  One long vibration indicates 0 minute.

This minimalist design focuses on the plates and functionality using Braille points. Plates have divisions in three to help determine time even without looking at the watch.

Time is synchronized by radio waves but can also be manually set using the twelve plates (e.g. tap 5th plate twice – hold – 5 taps – hold = 5:25).  To change between setting modes, touch 3 or more plates then touch the 1st plate for 10 seconds.

The bracelet-like design can appeal to both young men and women, and people with weak eyesight can also benefit from the vibration feature of this watch.


5 thoughts on “Vibrating Plated Watch Design

  1. This is a really good alternative to the Braille watches out there. The vibration and the touch sensitivity are way more feasible than an actual braille display I think. And those two technologies are cool anyway.

    The braille numbers… if one knows them ok, if one can feel them, even better. But I like that you put in these indicators each three hours, so even if one does not know or feel the numbers, they are distinguishable. If you use common braille dimensions, one can even learn the numbers by feeling. I think that’s cool.

    As for the time telling system… I thought about a similar method. It is definitely cool to let the watch vibrate when you touch the correct field. But then comes the counting again for the minutes. How about you use the hour method for the 10 minute steps and single minutes (vibrating 12-5-9). Just let it vibrate shortly when you touch the right number. You might need a slight base vibration to show, the watch is still on.

    Well I support this design. I liked your first vibration watch and like this one too. I’d take the black one 🙂 But good you show other versions. The concept is so cool!


  2. I give you *****/NO. The idea is nice. Challenging and can be read in the dark. But the style is not my taste. Too slim case. Too long column of numbers.


  3. Err, 12 hours only? If you are blind then how exactly do you know if it is say 3am or 3pm? If you aren’t blind and just want a watch that works in the dark, then you would just get one with tritium.


  4. I also wonder how blinds know if it’s morning or evening with their normal haptic analog watches. I personally don’t need am or pm, because I have good working eyes and brain. Now to the watch: the look is horrible but the idea is very cool. I don’t fancy that rubber like strap. A proper metal strap would be way better I say. Good luck! This watch has potential.


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