Hydraulics Inspired Watch Design

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

Anders says that hydraulics has always fascinated him and he wanted to translate it into a watch design. He had the idea of a glass torus with two pistons, one fixed and one moving, telling time by pumping oil from one side of the pistons to the other while simultaneously rotating the whole torus.

This watch design is an analog design with a caveat. Since the pistons cannot pass each other, they must alternate between indicating the hours and minutes respectively. When the minutes catches up with the hours, the rate of rotation switches. This is indicated by LEDs on either side of the fixed piston.

The concept has a fair bit of room for alteration. The oil, armband, and OLED backlight can be dyed to practically any color. The body of the watch can also be done in any number of finishes and materials. It does, however lend itself best to bright and clear colors.

This watch design, with its funky OLED-lit colored oil and matching armband appeals to those who would not mind the attention a design this unusual would bring. The physical principles that underpin it are also interesting enough to widen the appeal to the scientifically inclined.


6 thoughts on “Hydraulics Inspired Watch Design

  1. Oh my gosh 😀

    Like: the colors (so yummy), the liquid (so cool), the geometry (so pure)

    Dislike (but its not a big deal): the continuation of the strap over the center of the case. Looks a bit as if the strap is made of rubber and that’s why it deforms that much. A free case center would’ve been better for me. You can let the holes away, then you have more space for the technology you need 😉

    But the overall impression is exciting! 5*y before even understanding how the time reading works (I learned it by now).


    • Hehehe, glad I could surprise you…=)

      The strap would be a bit tricky to make, yes, and it is cut with a curving waist to fit through the watch, which might not be very obvious… I do think though that it’d be possible to thread the tech around it (but then, I would think that…=) To simplify it I toyed with the idea of simulating the oil by using a coloured solid torus inside the clear one, but I couldn’t quite get it to work around the stationary piston… Maybe if I put some more thought into it…=)

      Thanks for the 5!


  2. This design is pretty striking. I love the way the strap comes up through the front of the case. The matching clasp around the other side keeps a nice symmetry. Great work, Anders. It’s liquid cool!


  3. I wonder if this is a pocket watch… But for this design, I don’t like how the strap is fixed on the watch…. but the watch itself is cool. If it is tested and proven works fine for a long period of time, maybe more than two years without need to be technically maintained, than this would be an epic watch. But for now, great watch design. 5 yeas!


  4. This design is visually and mechanically immaculate. I always lean towards a watch that you don’t have to push a button to see the time. This one is automatic because it is constantly physically moving. And if made available, I would want a clear color or one simple and subtle; the design is majorly self-sustaining that it needs no bright-color distraction. Please bring to fruition.


  5. Beautiful watch! If you translate them into reality – I will definitely buy them! Greetings from Russia))


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