Time Flower LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Roman from Russia.

Roman’s idea for his new watch design was based on a desire to reach convenience in operation and simplicity of perception of time.  The idea is born from an attempt to connect the analog clock and diode chronology, and the best object to fulfill this purpose is the natural form of a flower.

Time is defined by three segments on the clock face.  The external circles show hours, middle circles in 5 minute groups, and central one shows single minutes.    There are also digits shown on the circles which makes for easy reading.

The watch design reflects minimalism in nature, ease in use, and visually pleasing form.


8 thoughts on “Time Flower LED Watch Design

  1. Looks like a seller to me. I’d buy a blue version (#007DFF) on white and a white on black (hehehe, first orders) Very interesting how you use the different amounts of glossiness for straps, case and watch face. Nice, convincing renderings!


  2. Nice, clean design there… I like the regularity of the layout, gives it a certain style… I agree with Sam about the effect of the diffferent textures, although personally I’m not crazy about the glossy material. In my experience it tends to get smudgy pretty quickly… And it bugs me slightly that the holes in the strap near the case don’t have three rows of holes to echo the display, but it’s a small matter. =)

    And I also like the renderings, you clearly know a thing or two… =)


  3. Ok, Roman. You, as always – at height. I’ll post news in my blog.
    Q: Could you make an animation display. swf or. gif?


  4. Easy and sleek design, I’d buy the black version, if…. it comes with orange, or red, or white variation…. or steel case…. for the concept, 5.


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