Meshed Analog Watch Design

Design submitted by Nemoto san from Japan.

This watch design is an analog watch divided into two discs – hour disc and minute disc.

When the time is at 12:00, the disc mesh aligns perfectly with the case mesh making it appear as one full design.  The six lines pass through the twelve portions of a circle.  The lines with a different color indicates the time.  If the time is at 7:00, the line will not match the mesh for 12:00 so we would know that it is 7:00.  The minute disc has 60 lines and the longer line marks the minute.

The design is simple and the color can be adjusted to fit both women and men.


4 thoughts on “Meshed Analog Watch Design

  1. Interesting idea 😀 I like the idea of an all-around-the-wrist-pattern. The geometry is pretty basic, I support this.

    I think you should make the hour line red. It can be seen better and it looks stylish (as if the big red line is interrupted). The minute hand should be on top, it is so filigree. Maybe a dark blue for the big line would look nice. But white is ok too, if it would be stronger. I’m not a fan of the magenta, but there are many variations possible. Maybe you make some?


  2. I dont like it so much. Its not overwhelming and at the same time too kitschy. Maybe in black white yellow and with a good price.


  3. Thank you for your messages.
    I was seen through a factor that I did not follow through in making a watch design.

    Magenta color is popular among women who are my friend.

    Please feel interest to which the figure is corresponding by chance.





  4. Nice Nemotokun, but it just above okay to be a winner…. its my personal impression though, but still a wantable and there is possibility for it to be listed on my purchase, depends on the price.


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