LED-Lit Square Watch Design

Design submitted by Gordon from the USA.

Gordon says that he came up with this watch design idea when he was attempting to make a square format watch that told time with lights.  He wanted to duplicate the shape used for the links of the case to get a single theme running out the watch.

The large lights on the left count the hours in two rows of six lights.  The six rows of ten lights count the minutes.

Gordon sees people who prefer larger watches wearing this design.  This watch makes a tuff bold industrial statement.


7 thoughts on “LED-Lit Square Watch Design

  1. I like! The band reminds me of a bamboo bridge. Face is easy to read, and has a nice contrast with the blue/red. 5/y, Gordon. Nice looking design.


  2. thanks Cory, I was going for a bone look but your right it does have a bamboo look. Perhaps in white it would have an ivory appearence


  3. Above average, and okay design. I’d probably would buy it at 55% chance if it sells at the right price, with different style of strap.


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