Fraction/Percent Stealth Watch Design

Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says, “In changing the way I think about time, I considered time as fractions of a half day, and percentages of those fractions.  This stealthy looking watch concept  ‘fraction/percent’ is what resulted.”

The outer ring denotes the hours in fractional increments equaling out to 1/2 of 1 Earth rotation.  The minutes are denoted by the inner ring, given in a percentage of one twelfth of a rotation of the outer ring.  It reads like a typical clock face, but you have to know the secret.

Another feature unique to this watch is that the timing hands pass behind the numbers, which are laser etched into the back of the glass rings.  On the face of the watch, between the two rings, is a raised pattern that gives the design its characteristic techie look.

This watch design would be an ideal watch for those who love designs which draw off of stealth technology, as the case is quite futuristic looking.


13 thoughts on “Fraction/Percent Stealth Watch Design

  1. I bet the digits are made of mesh not texture, hmmm? Overall good impression of awesome watch for men. The time telling is cool but does not agree with my IQ level. Love the fraction and percentage though. Good reading for the geek even though the watch design looks handsome. A geek hunk, hmmm. 5*.


  2. I’d buy it, yes yes. It’s a cool way to tell time, a bit hard way to read time but that’s the deal. Actually you don’t need to calculate, just look at the hand positions xD The middle of each number works like a traditional analog watch indicator. I just realized, maybe a 24h dial would’ve been better. Yes, more numbers, more fractions, harder to read. But you can “localize” yourself better in the day when you can say “oh 2/3 of the day have passed” instead of “oh 2/3 of the half of the day have passed, I think. I’d still buy it. The shape of the case and the material and the divisions are really wantable. 5*y!


  3. Thanks, guys!
    @firdaus yep, numbers are indeed meshed splines, good eye!
    @sam: thought about doing a 24 hour version, but shied away from it for the reason you mentioned… tiny tiny numbers.


  4. It´s really cool. I´d like it more though, if the red lines were in the position of the third picture (12 12), and the wheel with all the numbers spun.


  5. I forgot to mention that this watch should be nominated as another version of Day Watcher – Fraction.


  6. Wow! Bought! I want it now! *****YES! I work with decimal numbers and fractions and stuff so it would be perfect for me!


    • Aph, welcome back! Thank you for the vote of confidence 🙂

      This watch was fun to think up and design. I’m enjoying doing all these analog watches, It’s a nice tempo change from the LED stuff.


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