Moon Craters LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Roman from Russia.

Roman used the moon as the most suitable object for implementing his idea of lunar craters for luminous diodes.

This watch design shows the moon’s surface with dark and bright sides of the Earth’s satellite.  The dark part is intended for hours, the light part for minutes.  The number of hours on the dark side is determined by the number of activated LEDs and the number of minutes by the large (10 minute group) and small (single minute) LEDs.

This design is suitable for both men and women, especially those interested in the cosmos.


11 thoughts on “Moon Craters LED Watch Design

  1. I like the face of the watch, but I do not like the strap 4/5. Would buy if the price was reasonable and a solid strap instead of ones with holes in it. Having my wrist hair pop out of the strap would not be very attractive :). Fantastic design overall though.


  2. I’ve seen this design and the other cool microscope design on your studio site, very very cool indeed, its my type of watch. I will love to look at the time on this watch. A fine art, hmmm.


  3. Mhhh beautiful! Very charming shapes and lights. For myself the straps could be a bit more massive and the big hole at their beginnings is my biggest point of critique – look a little cheap. BUT, thats by personal taste AND if that watch bould be available right now, I would definitely buy it becasue the case is really stylish! 5*/y


  4. I agree with Greg and Sam, I like the face but would prefer a different strap. My personal taste would be for a solid (no holes) metal strap. Excellent render!


  5. Its a bit too much for me. I stand between, its too cheesy and its pretty cool. I cant vote 3,5* so you get ****YES.


  6. Beautiful watch! If you translate them into reality – I will definitely buy them! Greetings from Russia))


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