Binary and Analog in One Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

A simple yet well-thought out design from Laszlo, this watch design has both binary and analog functions that may appear confusing at first glance but is an actual easy read.

A printed dial with a standing, perforated hand indicates the hours in binary mode and the minutes are shown by a hand usually seen on traditional analog watches.

Laszlo has created this design in 3 colors that appeal to both young and old generations- silver, gold, and black version.


15 thoughts on “Binary and Analog in One Watch Design

  1. I seem to understand how to read it how ever i do not under stand how the first one is 1:48 am i missing something?


  2. I would recommend a stepper motor for this design with 12 steps otherwise as kidimi & ethan point out it looks like 2:48 not 1:48 (it’s hard to see that the 2’s hole is not quite full yet)


  3. Great watch Lazlo! I think the binary/analog combination gels together nicely, and the pattern similar to your QUARTER watch. Also like the margin around the face which shows the minute markers. I think it would be easy to read once u got used to it, not sure if it needs a stepper motor.


    • Keiron Thank you! The stepper motor is indeed complicate the clock mechanism. I think it’s pretty easy to get used to reading. (while the lower figure shows the authoritative) You have notice the pattern is well! 😉


  4. Still prefer the Portal one (make them!) but the design pictures (3rd and 4th) and such look amazing.


  5. Very cool idea again laszlo. I just dont like the mix of hard edges and round shapes. If you round the binary hours pattern, it would be perfect. And i would like a wider strap. ****YES


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