A Futuristic Soroban LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Felipe from Brasil.

Felipe says: “I have been thinking about creating a watch design of a based on a soroban for a while now. In this one I try to make the shape simple, looking like a soroban but kind of futuristic and “Tokyoflashy”.

I like the way of telling time on this watch design because there are a lots of possibilities. Using the 1s and 5s, is simple to get used to reading, like most Tokyoflash watches. If people like it, I will try to submit more designs using the same time reading system.

The time is displayed in the following manner. Each LED light in the right hand column is 5 units of time. Each LED light in the left section of the watch is 1 unit of time. Each row indicates a digit of time, so in the image below, you can see that the time is 16:25. It’s really simple to get the hang of.

I design watches that I would like do buy, so I think people like me would really like this design. I’m not sure who they are, lol!”


8 thoughts on “A Futuristic Soroban LED Watch Design

  1. Looking good and easy to read. I like the flat rectangle case and the shapes of the LEDs. Pretty clever time reading concept and nice layout of the display (that seperated single column is cool). I also like the soft strap. Buyworthy!


  2. Hi! I want to wish good luck to all. I might not interested in this blog for sometime looking that there’s unhealthy movement in the rating system etc. I’m looking forward for at least a design to be selected to become reality soon and would buy it if interested with it (I will save my points for it). Good luck again to all, broad your mind as they are many interesting thing to learn and explore in this world, obsess to certain thing or being a fanboy is not always good. Get a life. Chow!


    • It is sometimes good to take some distance (which is what I am doing now) to better assess when to return.
      Bye bye Firdaus

      Good luck!


  3. I would definitely buy this watch. Especially if they offered it in other colors. Easy to read a a glance, yet impossible for a friend to figure out just by looking at it. Simple and unique, how TF watches should be!


  4. Beautiful watch, simple and effective. I lost the thread for reading, because in fact it is a disconcerting visual simplicity, no need to calculate.
    Really beautiful and intelligent design look nice, Felipe Bravo!
    5 stars.


  5. Very cool watch, i hadn’t heard of soroban until now, so for me my favourite feature is that it teaches about Japanese history. I think the word soroban sounds really cool too, so might be worth writing it on the watch/strap? The strap fits the watch very nicely and I would definately like to own one 🙂


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