Shinobi – An Analog Watch Design Made of Ninja Tools

Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says: “Ninjas attacked me as I was walking to work. I had only my wits to save me. As everyone knows, if there is a lone Ninja, he can fight off an entire army by himself, but if there is a large group of them, they drop like flies. This is the law of the Ninja, I’m not sure why that is, but there you have it. From this encounter came the notion of a watch made of Ninja tools.

The Kunai daggers are the hours, and point in the direction of a regular clockface. The Shuriken throwing stars are 10 minute increments, and the Caltrop footspikes are single minutes. Also, to set the time, press and hold the dial for 3 seconds, at which point an LED in the dial itself will blink to let you know you are in SET TIME mode.

This watch will appeal to those who know that if they check behind them RIGHT NOW the Shinobi that was just there will have VANISHED by the time they turn around.

The entire watch is made from ninja tools, Kunai, Shuriken, Caltrops, even the links of the band are fashioned after Ashiko climbing spikes used to scale walls. This watch is a master of deception.”


15 thoughts on “Shinobi – An Analog Watch Design Made of Ninja Tools

  1. I followed your previews and I like to see the rest here. This is a cool watch with a cool inspriation which you processed in an appealing way. The display looks like someone robbed the armory! The strap details are really nice and fit the topic. Overall impression: really good!


  2. Not too keen on the watch face, but i really like the strap, it looks great and the styling fits the concept behind the watch. Good work.


  3. Your renders blow me away Cory.

    One suggestion though… Maybe instead of having all the throwing blades (hour pointers) turn off at the same time, make them do another round and turn off…

    In case that was unclear – for the animation, have the hour blades light up going clockwise, then turn off again clockwise. That way it won’t be as sudden.


    • Thanks, Jordair! Yeah, I was thinking the animation could have several modes that are settable to the wearer’s preferences, that way you can change the watch up and it will always be new.

      I like your idea of gradually disappearing them around the face opposite the one that points out the time, seems like it would be pretty cool.


  4. The way you connect the face and strap should be improved, the strap design is okay for the shinobi concept but it looks little bit girlie in my opinion (I understand there is also ninja girl). The crown shouldn’t be too far from the stem (stem shouldn’t be too long unless when you pull it to adjust time – not sure though for digital watch). The reading of time is easy yet appealing, the face really resembles the concept (need to see the animation in action πŸ˜‰ ). The red display sure is gorgeous in this concept. I think silver steel body might looks good too. Synthetic strap also good for this watch imo. Regardless of other factors, the concept itself is 5*.


    • Understandable. I wouldn’t expect everyone to like everything about all of the designs, that would get boring. Thanks for the feedback, Firdaus! Always good to hear more input.


  5. Thanks Cherubim!

    Steffen, perhaps you are of the Pirate persuasion? I have a Jolly Roger watch design in my sketch book that I plan on making next. Skull and Crossbones, YARR! πŸ˜€


    • Poor attempt, eh? I can take criticism, but this is not criticism in the classical sense; i.e. the act or art of analyzing and evaluating or judging the quality of a literary or artistic work, musical performance, art exhibit, dramatic production, etc.

      If you think that your attempt could be more evocative of what you want to see on the blog, then make an attempt of your own.

      Seem like a fair deal?


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