Saint Seiya Anime LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Geppe from Italy.

Geppe says: This wrist watch design is inspired by the Saint Seiya anime, in particular the quadrant refers to the clock tower that marks the hours to pass through the twelve houses, the watch strap design reminds a classic column.

The hours are represented by 12 flames like in the anime, the 11 segments represent groups of 5 minutes, the 4 triangles in the corners of the display indicate minutes 1-4, the sun in the middle indicates if the time is AM(switched-on) or PM(switched-off).

I think that this wrist watch is a cool gadget for the Saint Seiya fans and for people that like the zodiac theme. The watch case is classic and elegant especially in the steel version, this is in contrast with the display that is modern and colorful.

Saint Seiya Zodiac Watch Design 2 AnimationSaint Seiya Zodiac Watch Design 3 Explanation

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