Victor Vasarely Inspired Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

This concept watch design is based on images of Hungarian-French artist Victor Vasarely, famous for op-art, a style of visual art that makes use of optical illusions.

Straight forward to read when you understand the layout, the blue LEDs indicate the hours (2 and 1 hours), the green LEDs indicate 10 minute groups and 5 minute groups. The yellow LEDs indicate 1-1 minutes.

The shapes and patterns of the display are continued into the strap to create a bracelet effect.

Victor LED Watch Design 1 Black & White OverviewVictor LED Watch Design 1 Display Explanation

10 thoughts on “Victor Vasarely Inspired Watch Design

  1. Great Design! Who does your 3d designs? Just curious as i have many ideas for watches, but need someone to do 3d designs for me.


  2. You should own a brand, named yours because all of ur design are great, and quite identical. I can tell it’s yours at first look!


    • I agree with you “firdaus”.

      Everytime I enter the BLOG, I always know by eye which are your designs.
      They are great indeed and you should have your own line.

      Anywho… I have a design made in 2D photoshop but I didn’t wanted to show it yet because I wanted to show it in 3D.
      Mind helping me out Laszlo?


  3. Oh the case and the straps are very nice. The display looks cool. Reading the time is pretty difficult but thats me again 🙂 It is because there are LEDs which are visually on the same level but they can mean different things. I thought about expanding the display so you can make it an analog watch inspired display, but that would need more shapes. A strength of this watch is the usage of few shapes. I think people who like art also like this watch. Your inspiration is cool!


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