Lightning LED Watch Design – It’s Hot!

Design submitted by Andy from the Ukraine.

Andy says: “My latest idea for a new watch design is based on the use of light similar to that used in gas cigarette lighters.

However, instead of the light that is used in cigarette lighters, the light in this concept is simulated fire using LEDs. In this concept I use traditional way to tell the time however, the way that the light is omitted makes this concept watch anything but traditional.

This is a cool, unique watch design for peoples who like a good, unusual design.”

Lightning LED Watch Design 1 Front OnLightning LED Watch Design Showing Lighting EffectLightning LED Watch Design 3 Explanation

7 thoughts on “Lightning LED Watch Design – It’s Hot!

  1. cool design, and unusual… the watch looks very thin, so it seems, ermm… how does the engraved things works? the round so deep inside uh… if it possible, then this is must have!


  2. Wow this is really hot indeed. A gas powered watch! That’s clever. I hope this can be made (flame inside of case… some special spaceshuttle ceramic could work for the case…). The watch shape is cool. I’d buy it, it is really unusual.


      • 🙂 I haven’t read the description clearly enough. I overread the word “instead” and since I cannot see any LEDs in the 1st image, but then suddenly a flame in the 2nd image all seemed to fit in. Thanks for making this clear.


  3. Use actual light fluid! would be insanely brilliant! Nothing else in the world could match it!

    Except the Urwerk 101, which is officially the best watch in the world with its twin air turbines…


  4. cool watch design
    i was just wondering if it would still tell time when the LEDs are off or if it just stays on all the time


  5. I would be hot with actual flames. I dont see the leds either on image one. On image two, what is this? A flame or a led? Where did it come from? And on image three are leds? Are they always there but not always illuminated?

    The presentation is confusing. The watch itself looks good. 3 stars.


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